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This Super-Sized Cargo Plane Carries NASA's Biggest Loads

When NASA needs to ship its outsized spacecraft components between production, testing, and launch facilities around the country, there is only one plane big enough, powerful enough, and—most importantly—wide enough to do the job: the Aero Spacelines Super Guppy. ( Mehr...

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Chris Goode 1
While I am no where near a great or even good pilot for that matter, I can't resist on commenting on how crappy that landing was. Anyone else notice that?
Frank DeLeon 1
Nose wheel down first...hmmm.
linbb 1
Don't know about the later ones but the original ones were build by Conroy out of CA in the sixty's. The one they were building when I was there used Electra engines on it and was the first turbine one. There is one here in Oregon at an air museum if you are able to go and visit it. They pretty much took off what they didn't need from the C97 and added the rest to it. There is no attempt to make the inside pretty as you can see all of the new added to the old. Very basic and if memory serves right the built them on the ramp with no hangar.
Need some words from the "old guys". Didn't most of the 30's - 40's propliners land nose down? I have seen a number of old photos that seem to put that idea in my head. Also wasn't that part of the problem during the prop to jet transition? Too many prop pilots not appreciating the need to flair the big, swept wing transports? That and the delayed spool up time for the early jets.


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