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San Diego-Tijuana Airport Cross-Border Airport Plan Gets Green Light

Plans to build and operate a San Diego-Tijuana International Airport cross-border airport terminal received final approval and construction should begin shortly, officials said last week. The plan calls for a 525-foot (160-meter) long pedestrian bridge that connects the Tijuana airport terminal to a 65,000-square foot structure on the U.S. side.... ( Mehr...

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PhotoFinish 1
Richard Smith 1
What do you suppose the long-term parking fees on the US side would be? Yes. Astronomical.
Hugo L 1
Have you ever heard about this:
What's the issue?
get off the flight, do baggage claim, do passports and customs for whichever country is the one you are entering.

Two check-in halls, two passport controls, segregated security, one air-side area.

I'm sure that's the way Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg works (but it's a long time since I've been there)
Eddie Abel 1
Looks a lot like the Geneva Airport arrangement ... a domestic French flight can land at Geneva, passengers remain in the French section of the airport and exit on the French side of the border.
Eddie Abel 1
Just read the full story and it looks like this would be an arrangement for International traffic only. Pity, if security arrangements could be worked out, a Geneva-like set up could be great for San Diego.
Adrian Rox 1
A pedestrian bridge? Oh dear. I assume that won't appeal to most Americans, wide bodied jets that they are ;-)
AWAAlum 2
That wasn't very nice Adrian.
Adrian Rox -2
Don't shoot the messenger!
Adrian Rox 0
Well then you have no sense of humour. I shouldn't have expected an American (I'm assuming you're from the US) to get irony. Here's how it works: Americans (closely followed by us Brits) have more fat people than anywhere else. And particularly so in Texas. I know people will drive to another shopping mall rather than walk to the shops if they can't get a parking space nearby. So my assertion is that it's ironic they've built a pedestrian bridge for people who have a massive aversion to walking. They'll probably drive to Tijuana rather than make the walk. And that is funny. It has nothing to do with nice.
AWAAlum 1
Lord why are people so snarky. I do have a sense of humor. I do get irony. And I also become annoyed when people talk to me like I'm 5. Some people's sense of humor, Adrian, simply don't come through via their written word. Yours to name one. A large portion of America's population is very health conscious and are not fat. Conversely, the opposite is taking place in in merry olde England. Saying you shouldn't have expected an American to get irony sounded like a put-down. Work on your written ironic skills. And this post has all to do with nice - I'm letting you know you have some work to do. Plus, and most importantly, you were NOT the messenger, you were the one saying it. Get straightened out with what you say.
That's because we have more acres in our shopping malls than most countries countries have total. We also know how to cook. Lol
Brad Littlejohn -2
Yay! We get our own Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg! This won't ease congestion out of KSAN, and may do a bit more harm to the tourists; in the event of an alternate airport being required, if LAX isn't an option, this could potentially require a Mexican visa, unless the bridge stays totally in an in-transit area until crossing the border, then would be clearing customs once on the US side of the border.

On the other side of this, this would allow for easier access to Cuba.
An added benefit would be the donkey show in the terminal...
Think they'll have a boys town in the terminal?
I don't see how a diversion to an Alternate would be a problem. The diversion would most likely go to an airport in the USA, rather than Mexico, due to there being many many more airports to choose from in USA, and far less airport density in Mexico.

Regardless, it would be treated like any other diversion in an international airport. Passengers don't leave the terminal, and get back on the replacement aircraft after some delay & re-screening. As far as customs go, they never entered the country, & the airline is responsible for getting the passengers to the airport they purchased a ticket for.

Besides, if LAX isn't an option, then how about Los Alamos, or Santa Ana John Wayne. or San Diego El Canjon. or Palm Springs (INTL, Bermuda Dunes OR Jacqueline Cochran Regional). or Imperial IPL. or Twentynine Palms. or Ontario. or San Bernadion. or Burbank. or Santa Barbara. or Long Beach Dougherty... to name a few in the area.

The only Mexican airports inside that kind of range are Tijuana, Mexicali and Yuma.
It's not like the place is devoid of diversion alternates which require "LAX or die".
Gary Hjelm 1
Well the requirements for Mexican Visa may be more in another country, than it is for a US citizen to go and return with Mexico. To date only a US passport is required. However, going to Cuba will be a horse of different color. The idea for a way to cross to the Tijuana, Mexico Airport was born out of the fact they have international flights that don't leave from San Diego International. However, since the time that this idea and the approval was something well over five years ago. Since that time BAW has a flight to London, and there is a flight to Tokyo, but I am not sure of the airline, through San Diego. Quite frankly, I don't see what the improvement is with Tijuana airport over San Diego's airport. Both are single runway airports with little or no room for expansion. The facilities at SDI are much nicer than the sister city to the South. Having the similarities out of the way, then the one advantage is flying to points in Mexico from Tijuana is an advantage. Currently one must either drive, or fly to LAX and then change terminals in LA. That process is always good for a two or three hour delay. One of the other criticisms was about long term parking, and being that the cross border facility is still in the early construction phase. This means that there is plenty of time for long term parking to develop in the Otay Mesa area across from the Tijuana Airport. The price of this parking will be reduced by competition.
DAL498 1
I don't think you understand visa requirements for US of now NO visas are required for US citizens traveling in Mexico. And it absolutely will ease congestion out of SAN because now people have a hassle free option to travel to Japan, China, and Mexico, through Tijuana. Lastly, you checkin on the American side, clear customs on the American side, walk over the bridge and you're inside the secure area of the Tijuana Airport on the Mexican where does the visa come in exactly? It wouldn't. Because even if the bridge dumps you out on the Mexican side outside of the terminal security area, you don't need a visa to enter mexico. A simple passport would do.
Hence why I said intransitive area until you enter the US, and clear customs there. But also think about it this way: British Airways has a flight from London to San Diego. BAW decides to either move operations there or divert to there, those passengers may not have the clearance to enter that country.

As someone who has flown overseas a number of times, I most definitely know about visa requirements. I'm talking about foreigners wanting to enter the country, US residents coming in.
Mike Wilcox 1
Depends on why you are going to Mexico. I was there for a mission trip last week and they made me get a visa.
AWAAlum 1
Washington State has an Enhanced Driver License that allows travel by land or sea into Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. It's a great perk - a lot cheaper than a passport or a visa.


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