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That is not how you load a plane.

Meanwhile in Miami.. This accident took place in Miami, sometime recently. It is captured by security camera at the airport. ( More...

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Chris Dierking 29
My dad dispatches these flights out of MIA (among other places), he told me about it. The truck belongs to a catering company. It was being driven by a female who was not supposed to be driving, hence the reason they jumped out and switched really quick.
The passenger told security he was the driver, but once they reviewed this footage they saw he clearly wasn't. They were both fired.
AIrcraft is N462UP

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homburge 4
The passenger was in the truck
By all appearances and reports, the passenger was "DRIVING" the truck, and the designated person meant to be driving the truck was watching the passenger drive (while in the passenger seat of the truck)?
Employees hitching a ride would be passengers, although this was the truck passenger, Monsieur...
James Adkins 5
Didn't watch the video did you? There were 2 people in the truck. The "passenger" was the passenger in the truck. The driver and this passanger switched places after the accident becasue the driver wasn't supposed to be driving.
joel wiley 1
Probably by way of the supervisor saying "You are fired".
James Carroll 11
Life is short. Your truck isn't.
AWAAlum 2
His life as a truck driver - probably even shorter. Funny, but serious as well.
biz jets 9
Occurred March 23 UPS Boeing 757-200 (N462UP) on Spot 90 at the Miami International Airport
Repaired by AAR Aircraft Services Miami, and returned to flight status on April 13.
joel wiley 4
Probably faster than it takes the driver to find a new job. ;-)
sparkie624 1
WOW... That is excellent time.... With that time table, they either had extra crews working it or the damage was not as bad as it looked from the outside.
Michael Jones 3
NatGeo ran a TV series called "World's Toughest Fixes" and one episode involved Boeing's AOG (Aircraft On Ground) team replacing a pressure dome on a 767 (an external event punctured the unpressurized tail section and pressure dome). Despite problems with the limitations in the hangar they were conducting repairs in (the host is a professional rigger, and he jumped in to help rig the vertical stabilizer for removal/reinstallation because they didn't have enough clearance to lift it via the normal lift points). I think the whole project was done, new pressure dome installed and that plane back in service in 10-14 days. You can buy/watch the episode here:
sparkie624 2
I have seen some of those repairs, and you should see the bill that comes with them as well. Piedmont (mainline) a number of years ago had a 737-200 land, roll off the end of the runway, put the gear into mud and sheared them off, and put the nose gear in the electronics bay. A Boeing team came out for that one and setup a tent to work in and everything.
delphiniumeve 1
I still would not want to fly in it if it were a passenger jet...that was a pretty solid hit. I would suspect unusual metal fatigue in future inspections.
Chris B 3
Amazed that a truck with a Gross weight of 12,000 can move a 125,000lb plus aircraft like that.
true, but force = mass x acceleration. it was going pretty fast\
Kingair31 3
Don't text and drive......on the tarmac.
MIkeGreer -1
Take high school Physics --- if velocity is constant (no matter how great), then the acceleration is zero --- which makes the force zero.

Momemtum = mass x velocity. The greater the mass and velocity, the greater the momentum, which is what did the trick here.....
Scott Meader 2
Velocity is not constant when it goes from something to zero. That sudden stop is the (de)acceleration.
joel wiley 2
Most if not all physics equations could be reduced to F=MA at some point.
BaronG58 1
I agree. I think Newton's Third Law of Motion explains it the best.
hyedenny 1
You're the one who needs the physics lesson!
sparkie624 1
Not at all Keep in mind he hit the front of the aircraft, of course most of the weight is in the front. Also, being parked and chocked, breaks were probably off and the a/c simply pivoted... In reality, he probably did push more than 10% of the weight which was not much more than he was to begin with.
hyedenny 1
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Most of the weight is certainly NOT in the front! Do you know anything about aircraft weight and balance? Brakes on (not breaks!) and wheels chocked are no matter, since the impact was exactly from the side, and not too faar from the zero moment point, or center of gravity. If the truck was not braking and going 20mph (at the MOST!), weighed 12000lbs (at the MOST), and stopped in .2 seconds, he hit with a force of 120500 lbs of force -- certainly enough to shake it, but not enough to overcome static friction and move it forward, much less sideways!
preacher1 1
Well, actually it is, at least in the front half of the plane, from the wings forward. All your stationary equipment is in the forward part of the plane, i.e. all electronic bays and all; This is offset by pax and baggage loading.
preacher1 1
And as a note that it wasn't enough force to move it, it did. Argue with the video. I don't think it was photo shopped.
I needed the laugh today...thank you
Cal Keegan 3
Damn, that was a hard hit.

No harm done, just a little dent, let's get this plane loaded and on its way! </joke>
BaronG58 10
No prob....that will buff-out.
Yup a bit of duct tape and good as new!
Methinks this guy has some depth perception issues. I love the way he wanders in a daze off the screen.....likely all the way to the unemployment office :)
Torsten Hoff 1
Probably wasn't wearing his seatbelt either and had the wind knocked out of him by the steering wheel.
Eric Schmaltz 2
So much for 5mph on the ramp!
I wonder if she thought that she could drive under the aircraft?
Michael Morra 2
I would imagine, by the speed, that was the thought.
Pat Cannon 2
He thought it was a C-130 with side access
joel wiley 2
Wrong place to learn how to use a clutch and standard transmission!
Whoops... I didn't that plane!
Antoine Allard -4
Whoops ... didn't SAW that plane!
Forgot an important word
Ben Busby 1
Methinks this guy has a lead foot!
Jeremy Chen 1
That is a 125 million dollars Boeing 757.
Worth less now with the carfax...
He probably didn't knew that exact number
And this is why you do not text and drive.
BaronG58 1
Time to call Maxwell
Maxwell, better call Tyrone!!!
guy lever 1
so the original driver just gets out and walks away like nothing happened...or maybe he was just heading to his car knowing that he was suddenly unemployed
Mike Williams 1
that's what insurance is for!
BaronG58 2
Yeah...There goes their State Farm....Drive safe and save...reward points
sparkie624 1
Ouch that hurt... That play will be down for structural repair for a while....
delphiniumeve 1
Wow, that is a special kind of ridiculous. It is no wonder they were immediately fired.
ken young 1
Wow....Just wow.
Pete Schecter 1
Another competent, situationally aware Miami driver. Bet their performance off airport is even more impressive.
AWAAlum 2
Not the best venue for a driving lesson, is it.
BaronG58 1
Oh...I think they learned a lesson.
AWAAlum 2
LOL yeah, but it was a how not to drive lesson.
Andre Perez 1
I hope the driver gets canned!
AWAAlum 1
Go back and read it again - driver and passenger were both fired immediately. It's a fortunate thing it was caught on video.
Andre Perez 1
Thanks for the correction!!!
Dennis Harper 1
This is so much more that could have happened at the hands of these fools. Simply firing or jailing is not enough. How can this happen? What if the AC was a departing passenger flight and they ran into a running engine after push back, or ruptured a wing fuel tank? How did they get hired for a job that puts them in a position to allow such havoc?
Thomas Cain 1
There actually was almost a potential serious injury. After the truck hit a grounds crew man approached the rear of the truck, at the same time the driver quickly reversed and almost hit the man, then turning away from the plane almost hit him again. Apparently not looking where he was going.
AWAAlum 1
I imagine the "passenger" let the other person take a turn driving exactly because it was a cargo plane. The punishment can only fit the crime, they can't make up laws. They're probably hired for this job because sadly they don't have the ability to do anything requiring more advanced knowledge. The hiring party would have no way of knowing they weren't going to follow the rules.
BaronG58 1
Hey I hear ya but screw-ups happen. We have highly trained pilots landing at the wrong airports. How did they get hired? Stuff happens.
TWA55 1
Dumb and dumber, I wonder how the drug test went?
panam1971 1
Reminds me of the two guys that steer the 747 into the terminal in the movie "Airplane!"

"Where's the 757, Larry?"
"It's over there..."
thank you
John Hopkins 1
I used to drive large vehicles, and the FIRST thing you make a note of is the width length and HEIGHT of your vehicle !!
panam1971 1
UPS= United Plane Smashers.
btweston 1
SootBox 0
Next time, don't hire union.
Nick Hesler -1
My truck isn't to tall to go under here, THWAK! That guy really need to learn how to drive!

[This comment was deleted.]

BaronG58 -1
Dude! You post has zip to do with story line.


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