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Boeing plans to develop new airplane to replace 737 MAX by 2030

Boeing has sketched out a plan to make a brand new plane to replace the 737 MAX by 2030. The shape overall wont change deamaticly, but it will be slightly bigger and have all new engines. ( More...

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Jeff K 2
We make 42 a month now. Wonder how many autoclaves will be needed to meet current production rates.
preacher1 1
reckon this will be the answer for the 757 replacement. NOT.
Dwight Hartje 2
I wish Boeing would come up with a 757 replacement.
preacher1 4
Well, they haven't and nothing in the cards for that at this time that I know of. High Steppin' and full of power, let me fly. 36 years on one. Shove throttles and call rotate and your in the air. The lady wants off the ground. Like I said in another post, the 767 that replaced her is a nice airplane but it can't hold a candle on performance or looks.
Miles Rich 1
I think that Boeing is finally coming to this realization. That there is a need for a single aisle airplane that seats 200 people and has 707-320B range and payload.
preacher1 1
I personally think the triple 7 should have replaced the 67 and them just kept on going with the 57. In 86, the RR engines were ETOPS rated, we bought one to replace the 707 and boogety, boogety, boogety, let's go across the pond boys. Sweet. Granted, the 737 is a good airplane but it is too plump in the looks dept and can't match the range of the 752ER, not even the new model. Somebody at Boeing is just asleep at the switch. They could have spent 1/2 the development budget of the 787 and put it into the 757/777 and 737 and had better airplanes and money left over, and not near the heartache.
they so need a new plane the 757 is old. I'm 6' 5" 355 no room at all.
preacher1 2
It may be getting old but they got to go a long way to beat it.
Ah ha. You sat next to me on the DCA to HOU flight last month and both of us were miserable.
Marcus Pradel 1
Damn, i'm going to need a new type-rating?
Kent Thompson 1
Developing a new plane to replace one that hasn't been delivered yet. Cool.
I hope it will be wide enough to allow for 18" seats in coach.


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