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Mapped: All the planes that have disappeared since 1948

Each dot on the map above represents a group of people who boarded a plane and simply disappeared. Some vanished over vast oceans, with no land in sight; others must have gone down in remote mountain ranges, inaccessible by rescue teams. But if they are on the map it means that no trace of their aircraft has ever been found. ( Mehr...

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mark gerrard 2
So I was looking at the one near Iceland. An AN-22 cargo flight with 23 passengers going to Australia? That's one hell of a journey!
Gretzky Alexey 3
According to information taken from the flight was destined to Lima (Peru) not Australia. This was humanitarian help cargo after the earthquake.
sparkie624 2
Interesting map... I did not know there were that many, but not surprised either.
There are even more, the map is incomplete.
bbabis 2
Yes, the filters that were used probably threw out 75% or more of the total missing aircraft.
mario miliani 2
For sure is incomplete, at first sigth an Aeropostal (Venezuela) Super Constellation maybe in 1956 out off New York over the Atlantic, an Air France 707 on front of shore Maiquetia (Venezuela) and more.
oowmmr 2
Searching must have improved dramatically over the past 20 years as most are older than that. That's really not too many for how many flights are up there, daily. It failed to state the percentage of total flights.
andromeda07 2
Very few are commercial passenger flights.
Jerry Rader 1
Interesting that almost all of the airplanes are multi engine which are supposed to continue flying with an engine failure. Just proves that multiengine airplanes are not necessarily safer than single engine planes. Most of these accidents probably involved pilots disrespect, or lack of knowledge, of current weather conditions (with the exception, of course, of MH370).


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