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Instead Of Retiring, Marine Vet Starts His Own Harrier Squadron

Instead of retiring, former test pilot and real estate mogul Art Nalls imported, restored, certified and flew the world’s only private Harrier jump jet. Now he’s a man with a mission, adding to his fleet, he wants to preserve the Harrier’s legacy for decades to come. His amazing story is told in this awesome mini documentary from AARP Studios. ( Mehr...

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Steven Groce 3
I agree with James. There are no clever people at the top. I'm a Pitts Special Aerobatic pilot. Putting aside the Harrier for the moment, the idea of getting rid of the A10 has to be one of the worst ideas in Military aviation. The Pitts cost me almost every last spare dime; but if I had the money, I would start an A10 Squadron. If you ever see an A10 fly, you will fall in love!
paul mosher 3
This guy must have more money than god. The cost of fuel alone!
ADXbear 3
Good for you man... good to see someone working to pass on the legacy of such a great and important aircraft.. be safe, hope I see you at an airshow soon.
jbqwik 2
This guy's the real deal
James Derry 2
Of course the "clever people" at the top get rid of the A10 and the Harrier and replace them with.........oops.......nothing! Fools!
btweston 1
Incidentally I just listened to this interview with the real estate mogul himself:

Very interesting stuff.
Greer Kemp 1

I was driving through the English countryside back in 1989 when I heard jet engines powering up but couldn't see anything. I stopped and looked around, and after a few minutes two Harriers appeared taking off vertically behind some hedgerows a couple of hundred metres away!

Fantastic sight, and a great surprise I must say.
Great News! I worked for Folland Aircraft, Hamble, Southampton for 9 years saw many changes Worked there when the Gnat Trainers were being built, also when Hawkers took over & parts of the HRRIER were built. Great Aircraft, Hope your mission is successful. Congrats !!!!!
Dan Williams 1
The first time I saw the amazing Harrier was April 1977 at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight. Nobody knew what it was. After a couple high speed passes this baby comes slowly strolling up the Mississippi from the south and stops, does a pirouette, and even backs up. We were stunned to say the least. I take every chance I can to see them in action. Great story and great job. Please keep it up. I have a grandson who needs to see the Harrier perform.
alan75035 1
And I thought my hobbies were expensive!
Peter Ward 1
Bill Bedford and Hawkers would have been pleased, chief test pilot and manufacturer of P1127 and P1154. Having worked on both types during their experimental days.
dafarris 1
USAF, 1972, tdy to Aviano, AB, Italy. U.S. flew F-4C's, Brittish the neat Harriors, Germans the104 Starfighters still impressive, and the Italians F-86's antiques but impressive. The Harriors rolled out from their parking area and soon "floated" the taxi way to run way!
WhiteKnight77 0
I always liked seeing these birds fly. I (we) had a stop over for fuel on the way to Luke AFB at Yuma MCAS and saw row after row of Harriers lined up on the flight line. Seeing them come in to land was awesome.

The question is, why do the military services like to retire aircraft that serve a specific purpose well? Good to see at least one person is undertaking a way to keep the "newer" aircraft going.
Daniel Baker 0
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(Video) Story of a Retired US Mairne Buying a Harrier

Art Nalls has had a life long dedication to flying. His addiction to the sky has lead him to an honorable military career and an even more adventurous retirement. Nalls has had the unique opportunity to purchase his own British Harrier Jump Jet. Find out how this retired Lt. Col test pilot uses his passion for flight to help preserve military history with the maintenance and upkeep of the last three remaining Sea Harriers.


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