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United States Air Force needs a few hundred good drone pilots

The military brass in charge of America’s drones say that there’s a shortage of pilots. According to The New York Times, a “significant number” of the 1,200 United States Air Force pilots are “coming up for re-enlistment and are opting to leave, while a training program is producing only about half of the new pilots that the service needs.” ( Mehr...

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paul trubits 4
Try Gamestop or the local arcade. Problem is, you have to be at least 17 years old to sign up.
dee9bee 1
The military should be making themselves known on websites that cater to flight simulation, Microsoft Flight Simulator, etc. Many on those sites have been flying 'virtually' for maybe half their lives. The catch may be that they yearn for a real cockpit and/or no military commitment. I've been following the hobby for years and there are a lot of motivated people out there.
Peter Crew 1
Perhaps drone pilots should be given a different classification,,,,or a new service more prepared to deal with the challenges of this type of automated warfare......The Air Force should focus on manned aircraft and our national defense...
sparkie624 0
Ugh... Not a good thing.. This will have a bad out come in the long run. They will use them over our own country and not over our enemies...
mike SUT 1
Seriously? Perhaps the people you say they will look at in "our country" are the people who want to do harm to us. Pretty sure they aren't going to be cruising around up there following you while you got to Walmart or Home Depot. But then again, you have posted pictures on line of MV-22 Osprey military aircraft. For what devious purpose were you standing outside an airfield and taking unauthorized photos of those planes? Who do YOU work for?..... :-)
sparkie624 0
Seriously.. .With the liberals running this country, and the cameras they already have setup in about every city that was purchased by the FED's... They already track us and they have proven this... All we need now is to have drones flying over head watching our every move... I am for them using them over our enemies, but not over our own country and the bureaucrats in Washington wants to know where everyone is all the time.


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