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9 Interesting Facts About the Boeing 757

Known among professional pilots as “the Ferrari of commercial jets,” the Boeing 757 is a versatile aircraft that works well for both short and long-range flights. Its roomy cabin size and large baggage capacity make for a comfortable trip especially when jetting to far-off lands. These are among the reasons why it’s the aircraft of choice on many of our expeditions. ( Mehr...

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preacher1 6
Besides all that is in the article, it is a good looking, high stepping lady. You feel like you are driving something when you taxi out in one and if you have a crowd watching, you just want to taxi around a bit. I am a bit prejudice after flying one, and the same one, for 23 years.
Same plane or same type for 23 years? Are you Donald Trump's pilot? :)
preacher1 1
Same plane. Not Trumps pilot. They just got their 75 a while back. Prior, he had a 727. I was at AV out of FSM
preacher1 3
And I got to say, going from a 707 into a 757 is about like daylight to dark. 1 man shy on deck, 2 less engines, and glass panel, to say the least.
allench1 2
Preach in early 90"s I took a jump seat to st Croix on Delta out of ATL by way of st Thomas where we unloaded all but 3 souls, then took on about 15 local for the jump to st croix. We took off hard right bank, level at 5000'power 20% drift down and land all in 6 min. what a rocket when light. Hope your health is doing better my friend we have lots of time before we take that final flight.
preacher1 1
They would flatly go. That 8 grand at FSM never was short. Another friend of mine that was a DAL Captain until awhile back finally checked in one to do mx flights, after nothing but 767/777. Racehorse was term he used. Outa here for Radiation then oncology apt at LIT.
Brian Bishop 1
Good luck buddy. Prayers.
DSmithOps 1
I think I heard it best on here once... Someone referred to the 757 as a "7 rocket 7"
preacher1 5
Well, it definitely got the power, and even though weight wise was under the limit, because of that power, it carried the call sign of HEAVY on account of wake T. That lasted up until about 2010 when FAA redid everything on account of the 380, and made the 380 SUPER and the 757 large. Now who goes around saying large. LOL
matt jensen 1
I was and still am impressed by the raw power it has. Steep t/o and landings.
preacher1 1
Our mx guy was a RR man and we waited until about 86 to buy ours; had to wait until RR got ETOPS certified or we'd have bought sooner.
josh homer 1
Oh man flying on a 757 out of SNA is the best takeoff I've ever had!
skyhawkrg 1
If I had to describe the 757 in one word, that word would be "Svelte"
blueashflyer 1
Somebody once said, "If an airplanes looks good, it will fly good." 757 looked damn GOOD.


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