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(Video) Engine failure and forced landing in a Cessna

(Video) Engine failure and forced landing in a Cessna. Great job by the pilot. ( More...

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oowmmr 8
The pilot picking the perfect straight in for the sandbar from a couple miles out was outstanding!!
Prop didnt even look that bad, love the "We'RE ALIVE !" handshake at the end
Derek Thomas 3
Nice job. Lucky they were at a such a slow speed when the sand finally grabbed them...
Victor Engel 0
Sand can act as a non-newtonion fluid sometimes.
Sean Keehner 2
Great job on an engine out!! Looks like thew nose got buried into the sand making the plane dive into the sand. I hope he had full fuel tanks! It would be interesting to see what the issue was & how they got it out of that area. It is a good landing when everyone walks away from it!
sparkie624 1
Great landing... Wonder what the problem with the engine was... I hope that it was not fuel starvation... The engine did not sound that bad before it shutdown.
Jim Smirh 1
Just came back from a reunion of our USAF Pilot Training graduation some 47 years ago! I even mentioned, during the many 'war stories', how much the _simulated_ engine out landing training was the most confidence building exercise I have ever had!We flew 172's back then. Never needed that training, and it wouldn't have worked in most of my commercial days (we always had 'extra' engines!! ), still it was always a great feeling to know I could get down safely. Of course, this is a primary concept for any soaring/glider pilot... Just hammered home the concept of being prepared!
Mirage642 1
Can't tell what the animal was off to the right on the sandbar. Looks like a cow watching them come in.
except all electric should have been off prior to landing to reduce risk of fire!
Chris B 1
From South Africa? Probably more bush experience in a month than US Pilots will see in a life time.
Not a pilot, but still amazed at how fast that sequence of events happened. Nerves of steel! I originally thought he turned too quickly since turning deadstick will lose altitude. But he had already picked out his spot by that point.
Cary Alburn 1
I saw this video when the event happened a couple of years ago. Why is it appearing here, now? The pilot did a fine job, but there's no reason to show it now.
Jared Smith 1
Anyone know "the rest of the story"? How long did it take to be rescued? Were they in com when the engine failed? How was the airplane removed?

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Dan Towey 6
You're either joking or not a pilot... What do you think is going to happen with soft sand?

sparkie624 3
I think he would rather Pan Cake the Landing... LOL...
John Cotton 3
He held the nose gear off as long as it could possibly stay off. Outstanding landing.


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