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Air Greenland DH8B Escorts Crippled Cessna Twin-Engine to Safety

Feel good story of the day: Greenland DH8B near Narsarsuaq on Nov 14th 2016, finds and guides private plane to safety. ( Mehr...

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matt jensen 6
Air Greenland flies you safely to Greenland
CaptainFreedom 3
There a great justplanes video on Air Greenland. It's dated (10-15 yrs old) but shows a lot of the weather and terrain that these pilots face daily there. Search on youtube for for justplanes air Greenland for a trailer.
Great outcome from a dangerous situation. I recently crossed Greenland (twice) further north landing a BGSF and then on to CYFB. It is difficult to describe the remoteness that we experienced, but also the friendly and cooperative nature of all those people we met. A particular shout out for the staff at the BGSF met office who provided excellent support that helped guide us to a safe conclusion the day after their first snowfall of the season. Thank you Air Greenland for your swift support of these people in a dangerous situation. I would love to know what happened to the Cessna after landing.
Iain Robertson 3
That second engine on the Cessna sure comes in handy, doesn't it?
bentwing60 1
No truer word have been spoken on this one.
zennermd 2
I absolutely love these types of stories!!! Well done.
Scott Campbell 2
NICE WORK Flight crew !!!
Randall Kimm 2
Hat's off to the Air Greenland Crew. The Transatlantic ferry industry usually loses 3 to 4 aircraft a year. The weather in this region is completely unpredictable. Many ferry pilots can get caught with a false sense of security because they are flying a twin. Although the weather is never really perfect in the Arctic, pilots should exercise caution. If you aren't really comfortable with the conditions, spend an extra day in Wick, Scotland or in Gander, Nfld, Canada. The tendency to push-on to make a scheduled delivery can lead to serious consequences. I would rather be late with an intact aircraft rather than praying for rescue in a cold water emersion suit. The idea too push-on can be lethal! Incidentally, a cold water emersion suit might keep you alive for another 12 hour's even if you are successful in ditching. Gethomeitis has killed more people up here than I can remember.
bbabis 2
Great job by all involved set up a good outcome. Would like to find out why the Cessna lost navigation capability. Also the Cessna must have been on top or between layers which allowed the dash to find them. Not a great part of the world to have those kind of problems.
Tom Zaidman 1
No mention which Cessna plane flying at 21000 ft. was involved in this happy ending incident.
dee9bee 1
Captain Gann, Ernie Gann, please report to the cockpit!
john lorber 1
zennermd 1
Didn't something like this happen in Florida? A GA aircraft out of contact, and airline heard and went to go help and people got all up in arms about "endangering" the passengers?
Ron Beraha 1
Absolutely amazing.
paul patten 1
Involved in a similar situation between BGBW and BGGH back in the 80s. It didn't turn out quite as well. Very unforgiving territory up there.

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Possible radar coverage and guidance. (I do not know for fact).
bentwing60 0
I get your drift and, Duh, what more do you need than a functional GPS. It tells you everything if you know how to use it! And I'm guess'in the other radio that didn't fail was labeled Comm. 1/2. Cheers all around.
dee9bee 2
If you're going to be that reliant on GPS, you'd better have two of them if you are crossing the pond. Perhaps a backup ADF wouldn't hurt in that part of the world either, assuming anyone still remembers how to use it! I know a sailor that ferried boats worldwide. He said that he'd rather spend his money on two 'average' GPSs than one really good one.

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dee9bee 1
I don't own an aviation GPS right now so I can't comment on any particular brand, if that's what you're getting at. My point was that it would be prudent to have some sort of backup. I expect the C340 pilot wish he did. I've owned three GPS's. The first two (nice Garmins) crapped out at the four year point. The first was an early model aviation one and the other was for ground ops.

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Randall Kimm 1
For Wilbur Sanchez on GPS "back-ups"

I completely agree with the absolute need for "back-ups" when flying in some of the remotest and most unforgiving aviation environments on the planet. Additionally, Part 121 operators should be mandated to have this essential gear on board at all times.

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough how rapidly the meteorological conditions can go south in the Arctic. If icing becomes a factor, no amount of technical "back-ups" will help you.

The Cessna Pilots lucked-out because the Crew of Greenland Air just happened to be thinking outside of the box!

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bentwing60 2
You didn't really learn how to do this did you, cause in 37 years I have done as many 200&1/2 approaches in the sim. as i have in real life. That's "hard" IFR. By the way, whats the reg say is hard ifr vs. just ifr?

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joel wiley 5
"What is clear from a review of your many "posts" in this forum, is that 1) you are retired and 2) are an angry individual. "
Projecting are we, counselor?
wingbolt 2
I wonder how many times Bentwing60 has been suspended from this site because of his "ANGER" issues?


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