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American Airlines first officer dies during landing in New Mexico

An American Airlines first officer died Wednesday after becoming incapacitated during the last phases of landing at Albuquerque, New Mexico, two people familiar with the situation said. American Airlines Flight 1353, a Boeing 737-800 flying from Dallas-Fort Worth to Albuquerque, was 2 miles from landing when the captain declared... (www.aviationfigures.com) Mehr...

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yatesd 7
I was on board AA 1353 and seated in 9C so had a reasonable view of the cockpit. None of the pax aboard knew of the emergency until we were on the ground and told to stay seated because of a medical emergency. It wasn't until we got to the gate and EMTs entered the cockpit that we knew it was the FO. They worked on him in the jetbridge for a very long time. They ended up taxiing the plane to a different gate and we were allowed to deplane a total of about 90 minutes after landing. Didn't find out he had died until I read it online. Flight crew were very professional and composed throughout the event.
WavemanT 1
Sad to hear this. Was there a call for medical assistance prior to landing? If the FO suffered an event that led to cardiac or respiratory arrest, he would have required CPR immediately, which would have been impossible to administer in the cockpit. And if he was initially unwell but still had cardiac and respiratory function, I wonder if supportive care may have helped delay arrest. I wonder if the captain was too close to landing to do anything more than declare an emergency and get the plane on the ground as quickly as possible.
yatesd 2
My impression was that the event and loss of consciousness occurred on descent and the pilot declared an emergency unbeknownst to us pax. I think he was more concerned in getting on the ground and to medical care than in staying airborne and trying to get the FO out of his seat and on the floor to do CPR. Tough day all around. Prayers for the family. FO has been identified as William "Mike" Grubbs. RIP.
very sad! pray for his soul to rest in peace and strength to his family.
Highflyer1950 2
Some interesting comments. I wonder if anyone has ever pulled the cew seat far aft and lowered the seat back and placed the O2 mask in place, set to 100% pressure demand as opposed to demand only. Or even, the Med O2 bottle wide open at 12 ltr per min flow or max? May or may not have helped.
Lee Withers 1
Sort of wondering out loud, but it seems after seeing two medical emergencies with flight crew, would it be worthwhile to have senior cabin crew have some indoctrination on helping with the check list procedures. It may help to relieve some of the tension in the flight deck.
Mike Mohle 0
I can hear it now..... Gear down please, Gear down please, gear down please....... Probably not time for the Captain to do much of anything other than land and taxi really fast to the gate.


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