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Amazing contrail in flight

On June 17 a pilot filmed another aircraft coming straight at him just a 1000 feet below him leaving a beautiful contrail behind. Just amazingly beautiful. ( More...

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Tim Kenyon 38
Chemtrail whackos are gonna love this one.....
Tony Perez 7
I can assure you those are legitimate chemtrails of a substance called Dihydrogen Monoxide. This is one of many planes spreading this chemical.
joel wiley 6
Your 'alternate fact' doesn't hold water.
Roch Comeau 4
Um, I think he was joking. Dihydrgen Monoxide, or H2O is actually a chemical otherwise known as water.

Walked right into that one ;)
joel wiley 2
Gotcha - so was I. I thought Tony Perez's post was great. Would have put mine in the sarcasm font if it weren't broken.
The guy (or gal) that comes up with a permanent sarcasm font will make a fortune!
Roch Comeau 3
Ouch. I was the one walking onto it!

Bernie20910 3
I see strong evidence of hydric acid as well.
Yes, they've done a great job scaring themselves over this for a couple of days now.
A couple of days? With those wackadoodles, this is fodder for a couple of years.
Michael, I was talking about this particular video of corse. It has been on the Facebook circuit of chemtrailers for the last couple of days.

Ken Lane 12
So very true!

When this popped up on an Austin TV station Facebook page the chemtrail nuts came flying out of the door jamb.

As it was I even had to correct the "journalist" who posted the piece then added the chemtrail BS at at the end. I gave a basic explanation of physics and how all that is actually ice crystals that would soon turn back into vapor. I also explained how that was a pretty dramatic effect indicating the relative humidity was considerably higher than normal at that altitude.

Most of those idiots couldn't comprehend the basic physics of vapor to ice if their own ass was wet and had frozen at -80°.
Leo Volz 3
"... came flying out of the door jamb."
Never heard that one before. I like it.
Dan Anderson 2
Tim - Sadly, I think you are right. (I wonder where some people get this stuff! At least they have an imagination, but wow, is it in the wrong direction!)
bbabis 5
It makes it easy to visualize the aircraft's wake which is always there wether the atmosphere supports contrailling or not.
Art Murray 3
My first thought, too, Bill. If I was the FAA or AOPA I'd pass this one around as a "Look at this and see what you could fly into on a departure or arrival." Or in flight.

A few years back I was in my C-T210 passing over Philly at about 7,000'. Beautiful clear Wx. All of a sudden I got WHACKED! Hard. With seat-belt on tight, my head still hit the overhead. So hard that if forced sound to come from my throat while I was talking to ATC and they asked what was wrong. Scared the crap out of me. Actually looked around to see if all the plane was still where it should be.

And then I got hit again!!! Same thing.

Controller told me it was probably wake turbulence from a 737 passing left to right in front of me minutes before, at about 9,000'. Second hit was the second (left side) engine.
bbabis 4
Yes, a perpendicular crossing is just as you described and without belts on you could easily be knocked out and/or severely injured. I'm sure its just a misstatement but the hits actually come from the wingtip vortices.
crk112 2
Wingtip vortices are a component of wake turbulence
bbabis 2
Agreed. Certainly the largest component when airborne.
Mark Lansdell 1
Hmmm is that what they call CAT??
bbabis 1
CAT is realy a weather phenomena but a wake encounter can be just as serious.
Mark Lansdell 2
When I was a youngster there was a TV show titled "Contrails". It was one of the things that attracted me to flying early in life There are daze I wish I'd never seen it. Back then the DC-3 was a big airplane and the 6 was a huge airplane until you compared it to the B29.
ran3114 2
Très bon! I recall seeing the "screw" pattern in the prop washes while following a Convair 440 Metropolitan at LAG going to the active runway just after a rain shower. Neat!
Steve Aliamus 3
C'est magnifique
bettiem 1
Awesome video. The soundtrack added a sense of being there too but, as a PAX, I hate that voice-distorting constant white sound. Will science ever provide better sound-shielding? (Maybe moot with out-of-atmosphere trans-global travel.)
Tony Perez 1
Yes. The 787s are much quieter. Personally though, I love the engine sounds. I love sitting behind the wing.
Yvonne Malone 1
That was beautiful!!
Omg! Omg! They're spraying us with clorox!

Btw - splendid video!
btweston 1
Gorgeous. The Earth is really cool.
agndd09 1
Almost makes you believe in visits from another planet. Just spectacular.
Craig Lewis 1
I am always amazed that people explain this to be some sort of chemical disbursement conspiracy theories, clearly air moisture content has a lot to do with the phenomena.
Mark Lansdell 1
I'm always attracted to the pre and WWII news reels and movies centered in Eastern Europe with Spit fires swarming through twisted smoke trails and bomber groups on their way to locate and blast away targets feeding the war effort from the other side As many of the comments here attest, contrails are beautiful to behold and I add have been around longer than our ability to separate and manufacture chemicals. I can't swear to it, but I think the chemtrails thing got stared through a late night after night radio show as did "War of the Worlds" some years ago. History is redundant.
joel wiley 1
There is a significant corpus of data supporting chemtrails that predates the term 'alternative facts'. But they fit nicely into that genre.
Mark Lansdell 1
I can believe a "short term" experiment, but this stuff as been carrying on for years and years thanks to Art Bell et al. Now it's the 'goment' trying to control the weather. It really is quite a sight.

I Hope all is well with you. I haven't swapped comments with you in a while.
Aaron Harris 1
Nice!! Looks like a 777.
According to the NZ news, it was a 787 of the Russian coast
Rex Bentley 1
Greatest safety device on aircraft is a well trained aircrew. Guess computer operators wouldn't know about that.
bentwing60 0
Seen this movie from the front seats and the biggest thing I get out of it is how close RVSM has put airplanes together. The ones below you don't count!
joel wiley 7
Just curious. Below don't count? I'd think the ones above wouldn't count either. It's the ones that are dead on ....

Many of those who would find the video frightening think nothing of doing 65 with only a double line between you and the texter going the the opposite direction.
bentwing60 1
Think wake turbulence Joel. Not a mid-air.
joel wiley 1
sparkie624 2
It is a 1000' advertised, even though we calibrate the systems on a regular basis and keep up enhanced maintenance it some cases it is less than that 1000 feet....
sparkie624 0
Or when someone screws up and incorrectly sets there A/P in correctly or bumps the yolk and the a/p changes from ALT Hold to pitch and no one is flying the plane! (IE Human Error)
Bernie20910 1
Must be breakfast flights if they're serving eggs.
sparkie624 1
You got me... "YOKE" - Sometimes I really hate Spell Check.
sparkie624 1
And yes, when I deferred it, it was a morning flight! :)
bbabis 1
Yes, I've seen the TCAS show 700' in an over under situation before with no call from ATC.
sparkie624 2
Oh yes.. I remember TCAS in its infantcie - We were the pilot airline back in the very late 80's and early 90's. I remember installing Beta .9 software and we would replace the TCAS Processors every day upgrading to new software.. back then you had 4 antenna's and not just 2. You had one omni and 1 directional antenna on the top and bottom. Now the Directional is on the top and the omni is on the bottom. Instead of the info being on the EICAS Screens it was in cased in the VSI as colored (RED or GREEN) LED's.... I have watched this system grow and become so much more reliable over the years and personally think that is the single biggest safety device installed on a/c todate!.... (IMHO)
Precisedata -1
This video is beautiful and amazing but if every car and truck driving past your home did the same at ground level, you would be upset.
Yes it is only water vapor, but it does not completely disperse and disappear.
What should be clear blue skies become milky white.
Aircraft contrails are causing a change in normal cloud formation.

This is a fact that no one wants to hear.

As soon as you complain that your blue sky is no longer, you are deemed a chemtrail conspiracy theorist nut job.

Chemtrail or Contrail, it is causing effects noticeable to people on the ground.

I respectfully suggest that it would be in the airlines political interest to acknowledge contrails in high traffic areas are causing noticeable visual effects and have flight plans adjusted to minimize this.
joel wiley 4
What adjustments would you see as reasonable and practicable to mitigate these visual effects, and what outcome would you expect to see?
How would you solve the problem?
Ray Toews -2
The Hudson river lander, an Airbus, they deployed the front slides.
I spoke with a Westjet attendant and she told me on the Boeing they have to disarm the front bags in a water landing. They would block the doorway!
Would the front of the 737 sit lower on the water.
That seems like a CofG thing?
crk112 9
I'm sure it's to prevent damage to the chemtrail tanks :-)

Just kidding of course!!
joel wiley 5
Where's that sarcasm font when you need it :)
sparkie624 1
I disagree with that... I do not see that would be any different. The operation is the same. The nose is out of the water, the door opens, the raft deploys from the same location in much the same manor!
Ray Toews 1
That seems right to me as well. Then I am curious why Boeing says don't deploy.
sparkie624 1
Not sure.... I know I have deployed those slides as well (during functional testing) and I do not see where they would block the door unless the nose was almost under water and that would be the same for Airbus as well... Maybe boeing is considering it a sunken boat already!
Mark Lansdell 3
Good to see y'all are still on line. Is Takata making the deployment equipment for "Boing"? :)


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