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That man landed a 767 without landing gear smoother than I can land a damn Cessna with a 20 kt headwind

I was unable to locate the dates of this incident but have not seen it posted. If it is a repeat it is worth watching again and is actually a fair report from the media. . ( Mehr...

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Colin Seftel 8
This took place on Nov 1, 2011. The investigation found that a hydraulic leak caused a pressure drop which prevented the landing gear deployment, and that the alternate system was inoperable due to a popped C829 circuit breaker. The breaker was reset after landing and the undercarriage extended normally. It's surprising that neither pilot checked the circuit breaker prior to landing!
Source: Wikipedia
joel wiley 4
Just curious, was the C829 breaker on the checkist for a gear down failure?
joel wiley 6
Trying to answer my own question, I found this:

and this which links to a second investigation report:

I think the answer is probably not- if the crew skipped that step, I'd think that would be in the report.
blueashflyer 5
Captain Tadeusz Wrona (which means black bird in Polish) was the right man for the job.
Marian Wierzba 2
To be precise: "wrona" is a crow. Anyway, it flies. :)
joel wiley 0
Both black. Different families. Blackbird Turdidae, gen Turdus. Crow Corvidae, gen Corvus. Corvids are the smarter group.
Paul Smith 3

A Corvid would have checked the breaker over what a Turdus would do?
terry gersdorf 3
Boy Do I remember I was hoping to be on that flight as a non rev but didn't have any more business class seats. So I watched it push back from the gate. When I got a call from my wife in WAW telling me to turn on the TV
Peter Steitz 2
For the gear to gravity fall, the return line to the reservoir has to open otherwise you have a hydraulic lock. A Shuttle valve prevents this and should be controlled manually by a cable from the cockpit to the valve. No electrics. No circuit breakers. Just free fall and the fluid is returned to the reservoir. Voila!!
joefly09 2
It's on YouTube if you want to see it
Lee Ensminger 2
Like. A. Boss. I know he was just [as he said] doing his job, but still...
a n 2
The Captain Is Also A World Champion Glider Racer
Those old Boeings there something aren't they good preformance i must say
canuck44 10
767 is still my favorite aircraft. 2-4-2 seating makes ideal aircraft for couples.
joefly09 5
I don't think Airbus can ever match Boeing. I have flown 747, 767, 757, 737, and 727 and they all have great airmanship.
Highflyer1950 1
Pretty damn good job, albeit downwind!
Larry Horton 0
Absolutely bloody brilliant
Heard it was the K9 relay, a dog of a relay!


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