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St Helena’s airport finally ready for touchdown

The “world’s most useless airport” is about to welcome its first commercial passenger flight – five years later than planned. Environmental and geographical challenges famously delayed the opening of the airport on St Helena, one of the most isolated inhabited islands on the planet, and the project, which cost the British government £285m, was saddled with the unfortunate moniker. (www.theguardian.com) Mehr...

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canuck44 6
This headline is somewhat misleading. Until recently the RAF Station Ascension (800 miles to the NE) provided an alternate for flights over the Southern Atlantic and a refueling stop to supply the Falklands. Its runway is closed for all but emergency traffic for at least another year while the potholes are repaired.
St Helena has 6400 feet of concrete which can service the RAF C-17's en route to the Falklands with personnel and a limited cargo load.
RECOR10 -6
So, the RAF who with out assistance from the dirty Americans in any war time dispute needed a runway? Hmmmmmm...... ;-)
canuck44 4
The US built the original runway on Ascension and maintains electronic facilities there under CENTCOM. While Ascension has the longer runway, it is otherwise rather barren and has a population of only around 800 souls. It is smaller than St Helena.

The St Helena airport was built by the "local government" with almost all financing coming from the UK Department of International Development not the RAF or the US. The opening was delayed because of the wind shear problem and it appears they have installed the same system used at HKG.
joel wiley 3
That certainly looks like a boon
joel wiley 2
Wolfgang Prigge 3
Atlantic Star AVRO RJ100 at St Helena Airport

Colin Seftel 2
Last year Comair determined that there was too much turbulence and wind shear to safely land their B738. Will it be any safer in SA Airlink's E190?
Wolfgang Prigge 2
Royal Air Force C130J landing on RWY20 at St Helena Airport on 18 December 2016:

jthyland 2
ICAO FHSH, Runway 02/20, 15 degrees South. VOR, GPS ground augment to ILS precision. Nice what $350m can make. Always nice to have options, especially in the middle of nowhere.
Took a P3 into Ascension for two weeks back in the '70's. Nice people, nice island, nice airport but SO remote.
Sam Hernandez 1
Nice looking runway.
Matha Goram 1
Will there be a weekly report on missed approaches/
canuck44 1
Maybe, but just one line entries on overruns. This reminds me of ake Manyara Airport (LKY) in Tanzania.


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