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Airbus eyes Canadian military deal, further cooperation with Bombardier

Canada said last year it will launch an open competition to replace its aging fleet of fighter jets and a request for proposal for the open competition is expected in 2019. ( Mehr...

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sam kuminecz 8
Canada dosent need an attack aircraft like the F-35, they need a long range interceptor to protect its northern borders.
Jeff Phipps 5
We do and we don't. Unfortunately we are constantly throwing in when a war breaks out and as part of NATO we send our boys and girls over to fight. We had a big presence in Desert Storm and Afghanistan but thankfully not the invasion of Iraq. I put the Rafale and Typhoon in the same category as the F-35 and would much rather one of those birds than the F35 dog - even before Boeing pulled their shit. Believe it or not, our fighter jets see a fair amount of activity for our usual apologetic Cdn ways!
Randall Kimm 5
Hi Jeff you are spot on. A retired Marine Corps Colonel who was a test pilot described the F-35 in the most disparaging terms. The only reason it looks good is a result of stripping out a lot of essential items. Fill it with 25 minutes of fuel to put a mind bending show,however, he said he would never fly that "pig" in any combat role. There are way too many glitches during a tortured development of its primary purpose. I read this in Aviation Weekly about a month ago. Yep this one's a DUD.
Randall Kimm 5
Agreed SAM! We need to be looking at the Rafale or the Typhoons. Both are excellent all round multi-mission capable. DND better look at the deal that creates the most jobs.
Canada will require technical spin-off for a multi billion dollar CONTRACT!
Randall Kimm 1
Maybe we are looking at the acquisition of the New Fighter Program from another angle. We should consider leasing the fighters we need. Sounds wacky, but the RAF lease aircraft from a lot of manufacturers then return them to their owners. Even Boeing only if they meet our needs until a better replacement can be purchased returning the aircraft to the owners. If Boeing wants to play in our home they should set up a temporary company under a new name. Boeing is currently despised by many Canadians. The RCAF should consider a leasing program based on the RAF model.
If Boeing wants to play they will change their profile and name. Even the name Boeing is still repugnant for Canadians after "those" bastards tried to kill Bombardier. They would be required to pay a multi-billion dollar secutity deposit to discourage the crap they pulled on our aviation industry is a key sector of our economy. The United States is only a business partner in Canada, maybe an ally. But certainly not a friend anymore. They have been robbing and trashing our economy long enough. NO MORE BOEING BS.
Ken Shaba 2
I really do prefer a twin engine aircraft when patrolling Canada's north or east & west coastlines. Bring the Eurofighter on. :-)
canuck44 6
With the next Canadian election on the horizon prior to 2020 and Quebec votes needed by the Liberals, I would expect this Bombardier-Boeing dispute to remain in front of the public. The RFP will undoubtedly be written to encompass non-Boeing aircraft products. Realistically Canada doesn't need every fancy toy the military wants but aircraft with dependability and range.
Roch Comeau 2
1: Given that Quebec is about 20-25% of the country's population, any party by definition needs votes from Quebec as well as the rest of the country to get elected. Not sure why one makes that sound nefarious.

2: Wider competition for any purchase of that size can't be bad. All purchases of this size includes consideration to benefits other than the actual product purchased (local job creation, strategic partnerships etc...) so this is part of the process.

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Randall Kimm 9
Trevor Johnson 1
Bring back the Arrow....
Randall Kimm 1
How can we bring about a fighter we have no plans?1 Diefunblunder ORDERED the complete destruction of the Arrow plans. He then in his infinite stupidity had all models chopped except for the front and cockpit of a partial model was destroyed. You can still see at The Canadian Museum of Aviation in Ottawa. Diefunblunder was an angry and mean spirited
little man who thought he knew more than his Avro Contacts and the leadership of the RCAF. In one moment he arbitrarily threw 25,000 people working on the program out of work. By the way, he also didn't know BEANS about aviation in Canada. This man was stupid beyond comprehension. He also made us dependent on American arms. If Sweden which is smaller than Canada can build a fantastic fighter. Why don't we give this proposal a serious look. Trevor thats an idea whose time has come. Trevor, your suggetion has merit. It's refreshing to see what we can accomplish if we really think outside of the box and we would no longer be bullied into bad deals by the likes of Boeing. This idea is worth exploring. Canada has the resources and talent. Academically, we were in the the top 3 nations. The United States scored poorly on alĺ categories. We have the brains and resources to pull this off. GOOD IDEA TREVOR!

Trevor Johnson 1
My MS Flight Sim software version still works - could be a starting point. Happy to see others may share my opinion of that idiot PM. Keep politics in the bottom drawer! Let's get at it and tell our leader to stay home and concentrate on what's important to us, not the rest of the world and their troubles. Until the first test flight an interim choice must come from Europe. Speaking of which, I saw miles and miles of wind turbines while watching the new Airbus Military Herc version on the Discovery Channel Mighty Planes - obvious peek in to our future here.
patrick baker 1
if the Canadian need is for interceptors to patrol north Canada and near Alaska, the f-15 eagle is more than satisfactory. F 35 is excessive in capability and cost.
Randall Kimm 3
Hi Patrick, the Government of Canada just went through the mill with Boeing. Do you honestly think Canadian Government will deal with Boeing again after being screwed by Boeing at this point in time. Even after ridiculous tariffs of 300%. Boeing is not that "popular at this moment in time by trying to destroy all sales by clients,I suspect that the Canadian people would show them the door. Canada will never buy the F-15. Boeing will never be trusted to deal honestly. After trying to kill the C-series do you honestly think we would want anything from these goons. You know I think Boeing will be the big loser. I think they have really demonstrated how they used sleazy stunts to break a key high tech sector in Canada. NEVER AGAIN!
Gary Hjelm -1
Randall Kimm 1
Talk to Donald about walls not CANADIANS!!
Jeff Phipps 0
Geez, the F-15 is even older than our F-18's and they are still a Boeing product and I now dislike Boeing. I'm quite happy to support Boeing if they do right by the C Series.
Jeff Phipps 2
I wish there was an edit function here. I'm quite happy to support AIRBUS if they do right by C Series.


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