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Wyo. sheriff: No survivors in crash of small plane

LANDER, Wyo. (AP) — The wreckage of a small plane carrying four members of a Minneapolis family has been found in a rugged Wyoming mountain range a week after it disappeared, and searchers said there w . . . ( Mehr...

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WeatherWise 0
Okay, I'm not a pilot so I'm sure my comment might bruise egos of those who are. But I cannot understand what would possess a pilot,even one who is IFR rated to takeoff during a snowstorm, in solid IFR, where icing is no doubt a major concern and over rugged mountainous terrain. What is so damn urgent that you would risk the most precious cargo you have, your kids, instead of waiting it out? I don't care how many hours you have, doesn't common sense come into play at some point? My condolences to this family but this incident should have never been allowed to happen.
dmanuel 0
You may not be a pilot, but you have a good grasp of the ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) factors that all pilots are aware of. As tragic as accidents are, pilots are always learning from other pilots mistakes (it's said: because we don't have enough time to make them all ourselves). Perhaps another pilot will remember this accident and pause. Our prayers go out to the Bucklin family.
gkamilar 0
It is often said that to be a pilot you have to have "The Right Stuff"; a balance of confidence, skill, arrogance, ego and fearlessness. Unfortunately the personality that makes for a good pilot sometimes leads to unacceptable risk-taking. This pilot probably let that mix of characteristics get out of balance...something all pilots must guard against. I add my condolences to the family.
I'M from the TWIN CITIES, I was this lady on TV hoping and asking for prayer the she gets good news. How do you think she feels now. Don't cut Her husbund down because of what happen, non of us were in that airplane. She has lost her whole world don't make it worst. I don't fly so jump all over me for saying something, get down on your knees and pray for her. She needs that a lot more.


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