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One Statistic Shows Why Passengers Share the Blame for Uncomfortable Flights

America's airlines have become experts at earning money in recent years. More specifically, they've discovered the power of auxiliary income. As a result, complimentary services like checked luggage or in-flight snacks have been unbundled into new money-making avenues. ( More...

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nemosteve1080i 21
Do airfares need to go back regulation to allow airlines to stop nickel & diming passengers for services that used to be included in fares? I think airfare regulation should be revisited. Remember when the OAG paper edition listed the four fares for each airline - F/Y/Fn/Yn?
I have lifetime status on two legacy airlines so I try to send my travel needs their way. Yes, I receive free checked bags and the occasional upgrade. I always check my bags. All to often the emplaning/deplaning process is soured by all the passengers that bring their overstuffed "carry-on" bag(s) on board and try to stow them in the overheads. Don't get me started on passengers who board wearing their overstuffed backpacks and looking at their phones while boarding, walking past their assigned row. Then they become a spinner in the aisle while they try to locate their row and swim upstream, all the while knocking seated aisle passengers with their backpacks.

Yes, flying today's flying experience is nothing more than a BUS WITH WINGS.
Greg Zelna 8
You ain't kidding ! It would be comical the whole 'over-sized carry-on' scene if it wasn't such an inconvenience to all the rest of us...... And yes, you will probably need BOTH hands to efficiently board and offload bags- so put the d*mn phone down already. Life will go on without you for 5 minutes... How self absorbed we have become.
I believe its the airlines fault ultimately for the over-sized carry on situation- they need to rigorously enforce the 'size-wise' rule , and charge say $25 for gate checks of obvious over size bags. You'll see people start to comply pretty quick.
sparkie624 5
You are correct... It is amazing how much stuff people carry on board with them with little or no concern to if it will fit... And then after that they cause damage to over head bins.... I cannot tell you how many overhead bins we repair during a year.... All because of over stuffing, slamming the doors to get them to latch and the door hinges break....
Jack Jouett 6
What I don'tunderstand is why more people don't take advantage of the opportunity to gate check your bag for no cost when it is offered by the gate agents. If I didn't check my bag and they announce that, I jump all over that!
James Driskell 14
The $@#!! airlines should just enforce the existing rules. If you can't afford to check your bag, you probably don't need to go anywhere, or at least one should use reasonable sense in the carry-ons. If the bag doens't fit in the bag gauge, it's checked!
I've only experienced that happening 1 time in my decades of flying. We were boarding a UAL commuter flight out of GRB & the agent busted the guy ahead us for their carry-on size. The guy was pissed beyond belief, throwing out the platinum frequent flier card, etc.; but the agent stuck to his guns. I thanked him when I went by, further pissing the other guy off.
Way to go!
Mike Monk 4
I have never seen a bag gauge used even though carry on luggage appears to get larger and more prevalent and the cabin crew do nothing about it during boarding.
It is a particular problem on budget airlines, which seem to be taking over, where the cabin staff are much too young and inexperienced to do anything. They certainly do not have the courage to create a potential scene by telling an errant passenger that his or her bag will have to go into the hold.
The airlines pay peanuts and what do they get?
Or, if one can't afford to check his/her bag...get a smaller bag!
waynej007 2
I try to avoid as much as I can checking my bag. I would be more inclined to check if 1) the airline / airports would be much quicker and efficient on the arrival end getting the bags out (I've had to wait 30-45 mins occasionally in the past to get my bag which is a complete waste of time), 2) no damage to my bags and 3) guaranteed no lost bags. I still check bags (and BTW it is usually on Southwest where no fee is charged) when I have the time at the destination to waste and pick up my oversize bags. Until the problems listed above are fixed I'll still avoid checking bags where possible.
sparkie624 1
Very Simply.... Use the latest incident with Spirit Airlines... They forgot to load 1/2 of the bags and left them all in Florida instead of taking them to California where the Passengers were going!
MultiComm 2
As new baggage screening devices are put into place they should reduce the size of the opening to that of a standard lard overhead bin. If it doesn’t fit through security it must be checked and fee paid (if applicable).
Greg Zelna 2
Not a bad idea, vetting the baggage at security for size fit. Although this would only make the whole painful TSA process go even slower, eh ?
MultiComm 1
Very True! It’s a no win situation.
Lanny Word 2
They did several years ago but all it did was cause more grief for everyone. It backed up lines and caused all sorts of arguments.They put plexiglass slots in front of the opening to the scanner. It just ended up cracked from people jamming their bags through. Not to mention, their are different size requirements for different AC. I do have to say adding a double check fee at the gate would help. The European carriers do it and it seems to work.
Alan Borne 2
Bus seats are more comfortable that coach in any airline.
stephen knapp 2
The airline should offer a freebee (coffee, soda, 1 drink, etc) to anyone NOT using a carry-on.
I refuse to help "ladies" who bring on an overweight "carry on" to get it up into the overhead.
"You packed it, You lift it."
I injured my back once doing that. $25 to check a bag won't break the bank.
James Quinn 3
You've got to be joking. Adjusted for inflation, ticket prices are at roughly the same level as they were in the 1970s and 80s. The market is SO competitive that the airlines had to find alternate sources of revenue.simply to make profits that would satisfy shareholders.

I do agree that the flying experience sucks, but mostly that's due to other passengers, not the airlines themselves. Well, them and our wonderful TSA.
howard schur 1
I have empathy for people that need a wheel chair but it’s amazing the amount of carry on luggage some of this people have once they get to the gate - it seems if they require a wheel chair their bags should be checked
scott8733 1
Not sure why - but when I read your sentiments...I got a visual of 6-7 circus clowns jumping out of said oversized backpacks.

I wait now till the bitter end to get on for that very reason.
Jack Jouett 6
Interesting topic, and I fall into that category of choosing flights based on cost.
The government coddled airlines could use some genuine competition like a high speed inter-city rail system that you enjoy in Europe and Asia. Of course, in the U.S.A. this is not possible because the economics of rail preclude fat cats enriching themselves. In the U.S.A. nothing happens unless rich people fatten up on it.
Gary Eldridge 4
I'm a classical guitarist and must carry my guitar, in a hard case, onto the plane with me and fit it in the overhead bin. Sorry about that but the airlines have proved that they are not careful with such checked luggage nor do they step up and take responsibility for the damages they cause. Hence it becomes carry on and will continue to be as long as I travel with any airline.
craigbell1941 3
Those smaller, narrower cramped seats don't help either.
Greg Zelna 2
I disagree with the analyst "they prefer the lower advertised price regardless of how many add-ons they have to pay for," Vinay Bhaskara, a senior business analyst" - I for one do definitely compare the net cost of flight A (discount plus add ons) versus flight B (normal fare, some items included)- its simple math. I will also pay more (and usually do) for nonstop flights if available for my route. Connections suck in so many ways, as most travelers know. Also the longer the longer the in-flight pain will be and I am more discerning about what seat and were on the AC I am sitting (usually cost adders). BTW Southwest used to be very competitive fare wise, they are not even in the running anymore on most of my routes out of MCO.
Larry Bassett 1
I totally agree! I compare it to "toll" happy roads in Florida, if I use the road, I should be paying for the road. Can't argue with the concept. Same thing with the "add-on" pricing model in airfares... Why should I pay more the same amount for my ticket with a laptop bag carry-on as the person that has 2 checked bags and 2 more carry-ons plus their computer bag? Same with food on a 2 hr flight... It is nice to know it is there if I want to purchase it, but very happy to not pay for it and consume nothing. Unless you are flying Frontier or Spirit, picking your seat, and checking 1 or 2 bags... Southwest isn't even close in price anymore.
wylann 1
I hate to tell you this, Greg, but you are probably in the minority. I try to fly Southwest as much as possible so I don't worry about baggage fees, but most people just see the price on their computer/app screen and go with the lowest.
It's mostly only frequent travellers that either consider bag fees, or don't worry about them because of benefits.
I've just moved to the SLC area, and Delta is the only airline that goes non-stop to the places I will fly frequently, so I'll be getting a Delta card to book the flights, just to save the $25 fee for that checked bag (I always prefer to check my bag than try to carry it on).
Steve Binch 2
The reason most passengers choose price over all else, is probably because most people fly so infrequently that they don't realize what they are getting or missing. I like that as a frequent flyer, I can check my luggage for free, and I can choose seats with a little more leg room, and I can board early so I can ensure my luggage is stowed near me. Also, as a frequent flyer, I recognize which airlines I want to avoid.
Re: Passengers who pull on the seat in front of them
Some of us are older and have knees that get stiff when forced to sit in a cramped position. When we rise to use the restroom, we need support in order to straighten our knees. The only available support is the seat back in front. I always apologize for the annoyance. Reclining the seat in front to get back at the passenger in back only makes the situation worse. Do you want to injure an older person? Making a cramped space smaller makes it impossible for the older person to get out! Why be uncivil in an uncomfortable situation?
Airline travel is barely one notch above being waterboarded because corporate lobbyists are able to buy up our politicians like so many bags of walnuts Krogers.
Alan Borne 2
This article is a statistical sham. 51% prefer low price to comfortable seats? Unless one flies Business or First Class, there are NO comfortable seats. I wonder who sponsored this survey.
The annoying incident I dislike is when the passenger pulls on your seat back to get out after you have dropped off to sleep. I recline back once that happens, even though I do not normally do that. I have seen passengers walking on with big suitcases, but the stewards do nothing, most of them look like they do not like their job, its like talking to a copper sometimes, deadpan replies.
jcsjcs 0
You need to recline back the very second he pulls your seat.
I've done this once when the person behind me consistently pulled himself up on my seatback to a point where I could see it coming. *Whoomm* and he was sitting back in his seat. He never touched my seatback again after that incidence.
James Dunbar 1
Simply stated, you get what you pay for. Last September we took a round tripper from COS to SAN on Frontier. If memory serves, the equipment was an A320; a real cattle car with wings. Seats did not recline and were really uncomfortable and the only time you saw the flight attendants was when they were pitching the company's branded credit card but the trip cost me less than two good steak dinners at Saltgrass. Did I mention you get what you pay for?
Thomas Mchugh 1
I always check bags, only carryon I ever take is my computer or in extreme cases is my 15 x 10 x 5 camera case which goes under the seat by my feet. I hate to see the roller carry ons come on board, Recently took 2 flight on E 145, I grabbed for the upgrade for the exit rows. I prefer to pay for comfort that to spend several hours cramped and miserable. Granted I am now at a point in life that comfort is important but I have also spent hours in nylon web seats enroute to deployments.
Just used my miles on American Airlines and found they have a new add-on. $75 mileage processing fee.
Larry Bassett 2
I had to fly an employee to a meeting last week, I have hundreds of thousands of United miles... so, if I used my miles and just paid the processing fee for the CLE to MCO flight, It would have cost me $12 more than flying on Spirit... which is what I ended up doing. The United miles are a joke anymore with their crazy routes for the return on a round trip, by intention for sure!
paul trubits 1
They charged the fee(right or wrong) because you booked last minute.
100 % agreement that the airplanes are nothing but buses with wings. Years ago when I traveled extensively, the airline treated you like a customer: good meals, courtesy cocktails, seat assignments, and free baggage check-in. Now the fees and restrictions are downright horrible. I had bought a ticket from ATL-MEX-CUL in JUNE last month. When it became that I couldn't make the trip, It took talking to the airline supervisor for over an hour to cancel the ticket which wouldn't be used for 2 months. You guys who travel for business should be raising holy hell with the situation as it is; but remember; if you let them get away with it now, what can you expect tomorrow?
M20ExecDriver 1
When I read the headline I thought the statistic was about obesity.
Iain Robertson -2
A large amount of air travel is not essential and discretionary. In today's internet connected world, air travel almost seems indulgent and environmentally disrespectful.


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