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Exclusive Interview: Lufthansa Explains Its New Livery, Why Dropped Yellow

In February, Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa (LH), unveiled to the world a striking, all-new livery that created some commotion in the aviation enthusiast world. Lufthansa has been one of commercial aviation’s most iconic brands, encompassed in the symbol of a flying crane. This livery was created 100 years ago. But in February, the airline revealed its new image— the first significant revision since 1989. In an exclusive interview, Lufthansa’s marketing chief Alexander Schlaubitz and designer… ( Mehr...

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belzybob 4
Accountant's decision I reckon, one less colour saves on repainting costs.
Ric Wernicke 2
Sleepless nights over yellow and blue together? The colors are actually opposite and can look well together.

Trademarks are like fashion, they look dated after a period of use, then they come back into fashion.

LH is just modernizing their livery. In the future the Yellow sun will be back with everyone recalling the good old days at the airline.
iflyfsx 2
If the new livery was awesome, they wouldn't have to explain anything.
Mark Thomas 2
Absolute nonsense! The new livery sucks, plain and simple! Many many people (including me) cannot properly articulate why they don't like something when they see it, they just 'know' they don't like it. The new livery looks unfinished, unbalanced (especially on the A350!) and just plain bland like so many cargo birds out there. Missed opportunity there!
Shenghao Han 1
I think the new one is ok.
Not saying I like it but yellow does fade faster than blue, and someone else already mentione, one more color means more money spent when painting/repairing the planes.
MultiComm 1
I wasn’t a fan of dropping the yellow but compared to the other designs that were cut, they made the right choice. They could have tried a few more options (and maybe they did...who knows).

At first glance I kind of liked the one with the crane expanded onto the fuselage but then I remembered how long it took me to start liking the American Airlines bold look on the tail.

Glad I am not a design marketer!
paulCIA 1
This article reads like some kind of a joke not sure if it's the translation or what but wooow

'The final “Lufthansa Deep Blue” is our color, it belongs to us, and nobody else can use it.'

Don't think you're going to have any big trademark infringement cases before the WIPO court anytime soon with your "very special blue" buddy. Might want to check with Pantone on that as well I think they already invented every color of paint. In any case I can see the yellow still plays a role in the new design, it's still on the German flag after all 😂

Looks like someone Photoshopped a photo of the existing livery to simply remove all the yellow

I can certainly envision reading an article similar to this on an architecture website with Rafael Viñoly the guy who somehow managed to design the ugliest building in both London and New York (432 Park Ave aka Manhattan's Middle Finger, which he stated in an interview, not even making this up, that he based its design on a trash can)


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