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Southwest Airlines: Sometimes Their Crazy Cheap Fares (With Free Bags!) Aren’t As Good As They Seem — Here’s What I Mean

BY EMILY – I recently booked my $10 flights home for the holidays thanks to Chase Ultimate Rewards points and the Southwest Companion Pass. The flights for my partner and me to fly cost only 19,000 points TOTAL, and I’ll be bringing my daughter as a lap child. But as I was searching for flights, I realized that Southwest Airlines has a pretty strong hold on me. Why? ( Mehr...

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linbb 1
Great so you are going to hold the child during the flight? How old? Why? expect the person next to you to put up with a squirming child? Nice.
When my children were that young, yes, I did hold on to them during the entire flight. Most other parents let alone passengers don't have a problem with that, as they have the right and privilege to fly on an airline as you do.

The sense of entitlement implied here is laughably astounding.
Leonardo Goes 0
So he is entitled because he pays the same as you and want to have his rights? Or you because you have kids, then everyone have to bow down and accept no matter what?
My children have the same right to travel as he does, as I do. And in effect, we don't have any rights for that at all. Air travel IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. You nor him are not entitled to be on that flight, as your ticket is a contract with the airline. If you breach that contract, you get pulled from that flight. Simple as that. If the airline allows my child to be a lap child, and I have purchased my ticket and have fulfilled my end of that contract, then my child has the same rights and privileges as you do to be on that flight.

Again, it is a privilege. You don't like that privilege? You find another airline that doesn't accommodate. I'll guarantee you that unless you charter a plane, you won't find an airline that suits you.

As I said, your sense of entitlement is laughably astounding.
Leonardo Goes 0
My friend, you should be in Reddit or another safespace like Tumblr. Here it is not your echo-chamber.

What you say it is still quite selfish. I dont care about your kid, as long as he behave like everyone else. But because of parents like you, the kids have no respect to the others. And we paying the same as you, but MORE than your kid (kid tariff) have to cope with your cheap speech like "PRIVILEGE", "ENTITLEMENT" and etc.

Please man, taKe your fedora and go to another site.
My Children do behave; hell, my children, and my wife's guide dog behave better than most other passengers out there, more than likely including yourself. They listen. They follow instructions; hell, they even have a right to be there by LAW, whereas you do not. However, you don't see the children getting kicked off of flights more than adults, do you? Especially since most adults can't seem to control themselves due to drinking, belligerence, and yes, as I said above, sense of entitlement.

Now, one has to wonder if someone else said the same thing to your parents when you were a child. Again, practice what you preach here and keep your sense of entitlement in check. It really doesn't suit you.
Leonardo Goes 1
No one because I behaved good enough, because I had good parents.

Now, one has to wonder why you were raised like over righteous being. Again, practice what you preach here and keep your sense of entitlement in check. It really doesn't suit you.

Have fun with your Internet discussions, it looks like I have more to do than you.
All children should be in the rear with a soundcurtain that split the cabin


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