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Delta Extends Airbus A220 Order Book to 90 Total Aircraft

Delta has reached an agreement with Airbus to extend its order book of the highly efficient, state-of-the-art A220 by 15 aircraft to a total of 90. Delta's future A220 fleet will consist of 40 A220-100 series aircraft and the remaining 50 will be the larger A220-300 variant. Delta anticipates taking its first delivery of the A220-300 in 2020. ( Mehr...

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Jack Jouett 9
I can't wait to see these in action! Not living in Texas, I hope there are going to be more routes besides the coasts to Texas that these are used for. Anyone know the route plans for the -300s?
scott8733 3
I believe the first group to launch will be the 100 series, and those (predictably) will be in and out of AA/ UAL hubs.....Houston, DFW, as well as the NY-BOS shuttle. My guess is (given their limited gates) the next target will be in and out of ORD with the 300 series.
Cansojr 2
There is talk of a larger model on the drawing board.
Jack Jouett -1
That makes sense! Thanks Scott.
scott8733 -1
At some point as DL acquires more 220's they'll plop them on the home bases, but for now there's zero incentive to base them in SLC, MSP, or ATL for that matter. They already own those markets. IAD, CLT, and PHL would also be logical candidates I suppose. I'll call Bastian or Tim Mapes and let you know LOL!
Jack Jouett -1
Oh tell Bastian and Tim I say hi! LOL!
John Pettinari 4
Tell them thanks for my retirement check arriving on time every month.
Cansojr 5
This proves that the Bombardider have the greenesest aircraft in the world. Airbus just builds them Bombardier came up withg up with the plan Bombardier came up with rhe plans in the first place.

Donald Lewis 4
Boeing sued the commerce dept for the 292% tariff. The US Int'l Trade Commission overturned it a month later. The President's trade policies were not directly involved in any way.
canuck44 8
Delta looking at the order book for the A-220.Jumping in to get their aircraft before there is a longer backlog even with two plants and expansion at Mirabel. Probably a smart move in the long run as orders pile up as customers express more confidence Airbus can make this work more efficiently. They may be able to expand production further if they drop the A-319 line.
scott8733 3
That's an excellent point. As most mainline carriers gravitate toward LR aircraft and ULCC's desire to stuff more souls into stretched 32's,the demand for the 319's will likely decrease - affording them the opportunity to ramp up 220's production.
Cansojr 0
Rumours floating around Airbus is that the 319 will get the axe.
Tim Duggan 3
I have a question for any Delta pilots? Is this A220 listed in your contractual pay-rate schedule?
Is this going to be mainline, or subsidiary? Will you have to re-negotiate?
They will be mainline.
Derek Vaughn 3
Does anyone know what Delta's plans are for the 717's? I know those are some durable airframes and the other MD's are heading to the desert.
Torsten Hoff 5
I think most are being retired ahead of expensive C checks. It may not make much economic sense for anyone to buy those airframes.
patrick baker 6
this is such a middle-finger salute to boeing, even though the 220 is by every metric a magnificent flying machine.
mcrossbow24 1
Locker rooms aren’t the venue for big corporate decisions; board rooms are. The mechanism used to decide is a business case.
btweston -1
Not really. They are buying planes that fit their business plan. If Boeing made them they’d buy them from Boeing. Boeing doesn’t, so they are buying them from someone else.
In a way it is a middle finger to Boeing...
Isn't Airbus A220 a rebranded Bombardier CSeries?
Didn't Boeing go try their lobbying to block the Canadians instead of designing something the market requested?
So, Bombardier made it easy for everyone – a partnership with Airbus on a plane that actually launched a couple years back, but was blocked from entering US market by Boeing.
Jeff Phipps 1
It was less of "Bombardier made it easy for everyone" and more- Boeing nearly put Bombardier out of business. If Boeing had there way, this aircraft would be dead right now. I'm proud to have its roots be Canadian, but a little less than thrilled how it all played out.
Cansojr 0
What happened to the madman in Washington's 300% tarrif? Even his generals and admirals think he is a little weak between the ears.
mcrossbow24 0
Wrong place for your comment.
Cansojr 2
I disagree since your cartoon president tried to destroy Bombardier with a 300% tariff. The generals and admirals said it was a bad idea. Read the Economist and you will catch up.
Cansojr -2
Ooops I forgot you guys only watch TV.
Cansojr -1
Read a mcaviation news magazine or the Washington Post, Aerospace Weekly, or the Report on Business in the New York Times, or perhaps a book with Aeroplane Pictures you get the picture (pun intended).
Buck Pickles -4
Great another mid-size jetliner that looks exactly like all of the other mid-size jetliners. Once the MD80/90s & 717 are retired commercial airliners will be a boring parade of the 2 engine on wing design.
Cansojr 1
You forgot a lot of twin engined aircraft out there...They outnumber the 3 and 4 engined aircraft by the thousands. Bombardier Aircraft takeoff and land every 3 seconds globally. Thats a lot of twins not including all of the twins which I believe the 737 is the most popular aircraft simply by sheer numerical superiority on a global playing field. Stay out of the Pickle Juice.
Richard Badali -9
What’s with all these American Airlines buying foreign aircraft?
Jeff Phipps 6
I'm not sure if the question is a political one or not. What exactly is a "foreign aircraft", and then let me know what commercial aircraft manufacturer, only has American sourced components.
Cansojr 4
The world operates as a global market. America is not the sole maker of all sizes of aircraft. Get over your xenophobia. Aircraft are made virtually everywhere not just America. Get over your self centered view of global economics. America makes foreign aircraft in my eyes, what about yours?
Kevin Keswick 3
What's with all the foreign airlines buying American aircraft? Trade is a two way street. Air Canada and Westjet spend BILLIONS on new Boeging jets - whats wrong with Canada getting a little business from the US?
James Simms 3
Airbus 320 & 220 final assembly site is in Mobile, Alabama @ the former Brookley AFB site. Last time I checked, Alabama was still part of the US. Closer delivery site than Europe.
Jack Jouett 2
AAL and UAL both went with the Dreamliner instead of the A350 and SWA is all B737 Fleet.
Cansojr 1
Best answer to all Squawks yet.
mcrossbow24 1
Delta has a lot of history with Bombardier and airlines like Comair. Being subsidized by Canada and Europe permits very low prices.
Cansojr 1
It's the most efficient and one of the most comfortable single aisle since McDonnel Douglas built the DC-9. Fuel efficiency and passenger comfort will fill the seats as long as you stay out of crammed jammed mega sized jets and mini seats and something resembling TV dinner for food. The flight attendants went to the Hitler School of Customer Service.
lecompte2 0
Because they are better, much better
mcrossbow24 2
As I said above, it's the business case that decisions are based on, not arbitrary factors.


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