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50 years since Concordes first flight

Tomorrow marks 50 years since this first historical flight!!! (www.flightglobal.com) Mehr...

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joel wiley 9
And its last flight appears to have been 10/23/2003 or spanning about 35 years.
The A380's first flight was reported as 4/25/05. It will have to run until 2041 in order to last longer than the Concorde.
Compare that with the dowager 'Queen of the Skies" 747.
Or just for grins, the span of the DC-3...
All iconic birds for someone.
btweston 2
True, but only one flew at Mach 2.
joel wiley 2
Ok, we can add the SR-71 to the list 12/22/64 - 10/9/99 mach 3.3
C.W. Reed 3
The Blackbird definitely belongs on the list, Joel. Along with the U-2 variants. U-2 first flight 8/01/1955 and still flying!!
matt jensen 2
Imagine Joel, if a Boeing or Airbus had crashed and they shut down that series of jets based on that one incident - how many fewer jets we'd have in service? Except for two incidents at FL530 this was the only crash.
Andrew Bunker 3
There are many reasons why Concorde is not flying now and if the AF crash had not happened I doubt she would have flown for much longer as at the time the world financial situation was apply pressure on economic cutbacks and for Concorde seat were not being sold and the increase in fuel costs made her too expensive. The final straw after was Airbus and Rolls Royce deciding not to support her any longer so even keeping an aircraft flightworthy for shows was not possible.
Sad but inevitable.
joel wiley 3
Or the Boeing 299 prototype of the B-17, killing Ployer Hill and which led to the introduction of checklists.
Chris B 7
Given how few were built, just 20 including prototypes, its amazing that so many still exist in Museums around the world.

I never flew in one, but have been inside one in England. Its a stunning emotional experience.
Andrew Bunker 5
The difference between Concorde and military supersonic aircraft including the SR-71 is that Concorde crew and passengers were in normal clothing and sipping champagne, well maybe not the crew! I was once told that at Mach 2 they were sometimes visited at fl 60/mach 2 by military aircraft and the pilots would wave and the Concorde pilot would raise a champagne flute to them to make their point. I'm unsure that its true but a good story none the less.
I saw a concorde (air france)on one occasion as it was taking off after a promotional visit to my city and airport..several of us went out on the ramp to watch as we were advised in advance of the departure..it was quick,had a bit of a smoke trial,just a tiny bit noisy,but looked like a graceful bird because of the design..
joel wiley 1
Guns vs Brie?
rmchambers 2
My father knew one of the flight engineers of the Concorde crew for BA and got us a private tour of the plane as it sat on the ramp at DFW airport. I remember reading the tires as being 27 ply and hard as rocks. That when the aircraft was empty we couldn't all go aft at the same time. Sitting in the left seat I was amused that it still used nixie tubes for digital displays and the controls and switches, tons of them. It was a well worn bird by that point and pretty cramped inside with tiny windows (less drag). But an amazing thing to behold. The air intakes for the engines were impressive. It's a shame that it's not flying anymore and nothing has taken its place.
jcw1953 2
To Steven Tenenbaum... yep... you heard it also... however, for a second when you said Howard Beach.. I wondered if the SST sounds rivaled the Gotti fireworks on the 4th of July when he was still with us?
Steven Tenenbaum 1
Mr Gotti's annual fireworks party was held in neighboring Ozone Park - in front of the Bergen Hunt and Fish Club. Can't say that I ever attended- never received an invitation.
david wellons 1
Worked in West Africa 78-80 and was in Dakar eating lunch at a beach restaurant when an arriving AF Concorde flew over, descending to Senghor International, coming from Paris. Not that noisy in low power. Once lunch was finished we drove up on the hill overlooking the airport (I think in Ngor?) and watched it take off after refueling. Headed straight out over the Atlantic to Rio. Very impressive.
Steven Tenenbaum 1
I grew up in Howard Beach, just west of John F Kennedy Airport. I remember the Concorde well. It was by far the loudest aircraft at a time of very shrill aviation. On overcast days, upon takeoff, the deep vibration of the Concorde could be felt for a very long time. I distinctly remember feeling my abdominal contents vibrate on occasion. For one, I am happy that this beautiful bird is relegated to nostalgic YouTube videos and aviation blogs.
jcw1953 1
My ex's uncle worked for Mobil Oil in NYC..and flew to London quite a bit...
and when the standard BA flight was over booked..out of JFK to London..
they asked him if it was OK to be put on the SST.... he said sure...loved the quick 3.5 hour

Also, on my off days here in New Jersey.. in the summer when the BA SST was in service..
I used to take day trips to the NJ shore in the summer...and right off of Point Pleasant... when the SST was starting final approach into JFK around 3PM ...you could set your clock to the soft sonic boom...that was sent out....all the time...
C.W. Reed 1
The "e" was added to Concord, because of the "expense"!!
jcw1953 0
Dedicated to the SST's...that served us...
cut and paste...and hit enter


However..I know this is mixing apples and oranges but the SR-71 is still the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)--


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