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Two people removed from Air New Zealand flight after failing to listen to safety briefing

Two "wealthy-looking" passengers were kicked off an Air New Zealand flight after reportedly refusing to pay attention to an airline safety briefing. The two, a man and a woman, were sitting in an exit-row on a plane at Wellington Airport bound for Auckland on Tuesday morning. ( Mehr...

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Cansojr 16
I absolutely love this squawk because it proves that their own self-importantance was greater than the message of the in flight briefing. Pay attention to the pre-flight message. I still listen pay attention because it is just ingrained since I started flying when I was 15. I am 63 now. These briefings you could say are mission critical. The yuppies learned the hard way. The briefing will save your life. I carry a smoke hood to help me get out of a burning aircraft fast, it fives you 2 minutes of oxygen . They are small and fit in your pocket. Throw it away when used properly. Most safety supply companies carry them.

ThinkingGuy 7
To me, removing passengers like this is just common sense, like clearing hazardous debris from the runway.
When I fly, it's the reaction of my fellow passengers in an emergency situation that worries me more than the emergency itself. The last thing I want is to die in an otherwise survivable crash because some idiot in front of me held up the evacuation to retrieve their Louis Vuitton bag.
siriusloon 3
It's been reported that the evacuation of the Superjet that crash-landed in Russia this week was hindered by passengers trying to retrieve their carry-on bags to take with them. It's far from the first time that's happened.
Cansojr -1
This is an excellent squawk. Poor people or those living on the edge of existence treasure their personal effects are held as life long treasures. We have to remember that Russia exists on the economic edge of oblivion. Of course these poor souls tried to recover treasured artifacts. When studying accidents in poor or stressed nations this habit of placing their objects in their personal travel effects, Hence people chose their treasures ahead of their lives. This is just a horrible accident.
They chose their treasures ahead of someone else's life, if they got off carrying their baggage at the expense of the someone not getting off fast enough to live.
tasmedic 2
Cansior, the size of Russia's economy is very similar to Australia's.
It's nowhere near oblivion! Maybe you're listening to too much Murdoch media an similar. Russia still have manned spacecraft, the US don't. And they also have super high velocity missile systems...
Jonny Warren 6
It would have been worth the extra 25 minutes to see their smug, self important faces getting carted off the plane. I just wish this sort of thing would happen more often.
As a society we all need to look after each other.
Andrew Bunker 4
The passengers were sitting in emergency exit seats to so the reading and paying attention to briefing become more important as it effects other peoples lives too.
As for the Air NZ use of personalities for safety videos if it gets peoples attention then its a good thing so its immaterial whether you agree with it or not.
Highflyer1950 3
Many well travelled passengers can recite the safety briefings in their sleep on different aircraft types and although heads down doesn’t in-still confidence to the F/A during a briefing, passengers occupying emergency exit row seating should always maintain eye contact with the F/A during the briefing! Most airlines will have the F/A ask specific questions to those seated in the emer. exit aisle on what is expected of them. Personally, I’ll take the frequent traveller over the once every 2-3 years holiday seeker who usually to too wasted to know any better and can’t get their shoes/socks on fast enough, let alone grab everything in the overhead during an emer. evac?
Kobe Hunte 3
I don't blame the airline. If that plane crashed or an accident happened, and those two people were killed, the airline would be blamed.
siriusloon 1
Even if ATC directed it through cloud into a mountain so it wasn't the airline's fault and there had been no possibility of any passengers escaping? Still blaming the airline?

It would take quite an intricate set of circumstances for the plane to crash and kill only those two passengers. Your odds of being hit by lightning while picking up your lottery jackpot are better. And if everybody was killed, who would even know those two weren't paying attention?

I applaud Air New Zealand, however, which is a superb airline and one I was happy to fly on.
Frank Harvey 3
Hi Siriusloon

Did you notice they were on an Exit row ? It bothers me when I see people on the Exit row who are grossly inattentive to briefings, excessively fat, with children or babies, or do not otherwise appear to me to be competent to expeditiously handle an emergency and might therefore delay or impede the Exit. For this reason I also do not want to see a "companion animal" on, or adjacent to, the Exit row. Small dogs (and in my experience monkeys) can get protectively aggressive when they feel they or their owners are threatened or even just excited. I don't want to be gassed or burnt to death because someone is incompetently fumbling around.
jeff slack 3
Welcome to New Zealand; the home of the Landed Gentry.

Many white people still view themselves as living in a Class-Based society.

I work in the public sector and I am treated daily to white people who think they are better than everyone else or that the address they live at or the car they drive makes them better or more entitled than others.

While we live in a progressively forward land of natural beauty and abundance; there are those here that are so self centred and feel more entitled than our immigrants, visitors, or people of colour.
Relics 2
As far as safety videos go, this one is pretty good.
ian mcdonell 2
I hope the Air NZ example catches on with other airlines
Brian Wilkes 2
Those ANZ safety briefs with celebs, animals and cartoons turn me right off. Other airlines are starting to do this as well. The safety demo is the serious point of flying, only takes a few minutes and if they stop this celeb rubbish or making it into light hearted sitcoms ppl might just leave the aircraft and not give a dam about their belongings in the overhead lockers in an emergency evacuation.
siriusloon 7
They do it to try to get people to pay attention. If it's the same old same old time after time, people tune it out.
Kobe Hunte 3
Sorry but I disagree. They put the "celebs, animals and cartoons" in their safety briefs so that they can get the same people that this article is referring to, to listen...
Maranda Legge 2
On the other hand, it can sometimes be the only thing that gets people to pay attention.
I know I've heard the briefing enough to recite it myself.
tasmedic 1
I must be a crypto-communist, because I love this story! Good on the cabin crew for doing their job properly!


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