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All You Need To Know About The Replacement Of The Canadian Boeing CF-18 Fighter Jets - Or the chronicle of (another) announced disaster.

All You Need To Know About The Replacement Of The Canadian Boeing CF-18 Fighter Jets - Or the chronicle of (another) announced disaster. Interesting info on the current outgoing "selection" process in Canada selecting over the F-35, Typhoon, Gripen E or Super Hornet... (www.fliegerfaust.com) Mehr...

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Cansojr -1
Ottawa the nations capital is 40 square kilometers surrounded by reality. And NDHQ is commonly referred to the puzzle palace. This fighter acquisition is another joke. They (being the politicians) will pick a lemon and try to sell it to the RCAF. We will be lucky to have a new fighter by 2030. We will likely purchase some castoffs again. Trudope has an cabinet full of incompetence, stay tuned it's going to get much more confusing for everyone. It took 20 years to replace the Buffalo and you think these clowns know what they are doing. HA!
Wolfgang Prigge 2
You knowledge of Ottawa’s geography is fairly out dated. It covers 2 797 square kilometers. And childish name changes do not improve the credibility of your opinions.
Cansojr -2
The government and business sector is 40 square kilometers not the surrounding suburbs. I used to live there. And I am not a supporter of Mr Trudeau's pot legalization hence many Canadians refer to him fondly with that name. Canada will and already has become a dope mecca for Americans. They don't have to fly to Holland. That stuff destroys developing minds. I have five doctors in my family frown on this with the application of it as medicine exempt.
Mephistopheles 1
So you also think that the game is rigged into selecting the F-35? How much $ goes under the tables and envelopes to many to get a contract as big as this one?
canuck44 0
What does the Canadian government intend to do with the F-18 replacement. All candidates have a very limited range and are supposed to "defend" the entire country. What can they really do: they have bases at Comox, Cold Lake to defend the entire West. Things are not much better in the East where they can defend Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Ville de Quebec Do they want a few for overseas adventures?
They would be far better to invest in missile batteries to fill the gaps and new ships to defend the huge coastline and the Arctic. But then the Air Force needs new shiny toys and missiles are not shiny.
Cansojr 1
We also have fighters in the East at CFB Bagotville and we have forward deployed F-18s in Greenland and Keflavic in Iceland. Still this is a pittance to what the Soviet Union has in their hangars. What we have is a joke. They would roll over
us in in the first assault.
Mephistopheles 0
the idea is not to defend those cities... but access from the west, north and east... for the rest there is the united states... in fact, why not giving the defence contract to them... ;-)
canuck44 1
Why contract when almost everything is free with the US doing most of the lifting. Realistically get a replacement to defend the two coasts. The F-18 has done that job just fine and certainly having subsonic stealth capacity seems to be entire nonsense unless of course Trudeau and his military geniuses feel we shooud be deploying the RCAF to extra-Canadian adventures.


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