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Trans States Airlines to Cease Operations

Regional carrier has announced that they plan to cease operations by year's end, citing pilot shortages... 36 of their Embraer E145 aircraft will be transferred to ExpressJet and there will be no impact to Compass Airlines or GoJet (who are both owned by Trans States Holdings) ( Mehr...

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David Emery 21
I was in STL going to IAD, inbound aircraft was late. Everyone else had connections, so they were sent to ORD. It was the first flight on Trans States for this aircraft, which they had bought from the bankrupt SwissAir. Pilots were in the cockpit filling out paperwork when I stuck my head in and said, "Hi, my name is Dave and I'll be your passenger today." Pilot looked up, "Company?" "No." "FAA?" "No, revenue passenger, every airline should have one, you know." Then I grabbed a diet Coke from the rack as the flight attendant was busy stocking the galley, and sat down. The pilot came out, sat next to me and gave me a personal flight brief. We took off and made up much of the time in clear skies in the middle of the day.

MOST FUN I had on any commercial flight.
Larry Toler 1
We bought a few from Swiss Air. The first was an LR tail number N829HK. We started that on UsAirways Express flights. Based out of Richmond, VA and staged out of Pittsburgh.
ADXbear 4
Sad.. hope they care for employees
Ben Deneweth 2
Reportedly all pilots will be offered jobs at Expressjet and Expressjet will be opening an IAD base. Also, senior pilots flying on the Trans States certificate can move over to the GoJet or Compass certificates.

FA's will also likely be given preference at Expressjet.
They never did, so why start now. (I was based in STL for 37 years and knew quite a few of their employees over the years.)
how sad for the current employees of this regional carrier..for a long time the major airlines were pushing to have regionals as affiliates in order to serve smaller markets and not pull out takes such a long time to get qualified pilots,and the beginning salary at a regional if not that much...airlines used to pull from the pool of retiring military pilots,but there aren't that many anymore...
"Pilot shortages". Damn, never heard this when ramp loads of us were leaving our F-4's & A-6's for the civvie "office". I digress.
Scott Campbell 2
I've only seen TSA @ DEN and ORD - to bad
sparkie624 3
That is the 2 Hubs that they operate out of. The Big problem that they are having is not enough Captains.
Larry Toler 2
I had fun times as a flight attendant with them.
carste10 2
Pilot shortage? If an airline isn't competitive they might be short of pilots.
I have CAMEL ratings and can't get a second look.What gives?
dee9bee 2
Based on what little info you provide, all I can say is it takes more than that to get that second look nowadays. An ATP and 1500 hours total time would do wonders.
Yep.I'm in the hour gap at 750TT.Working on CFI but at sixty years young that may well be where it ends.
Tim Duggan 2
A pilot shortage? Well, I'm a retired pilot (too old now). Back when I was a Flight Instructor? Before I transitioned to the airlines, there were plenty of avid young pilots. Perhaps TOO many...but checklist discipline and good training principles have dominated since then. This is great for the future...NOW we just need new recruits who are capable...
Brady Brooks 3
wow, just like that. Well, at least we will get more new livery 145s to xna.
sparkie624 3
If you are thinking about the TSA's 145 being new, that is a long shot at best.... The Wright Brothers probably flew one.. LOL! (All Jokes Aside) Those planes are very high time.
David Wright 2
This is NOT happening because of pilot shortages. If that were the case why is Gojet still operating? Both Trans States and Gojet have the same owner but TS can’t find pilots whereas GJ can! United has picked GJ and is using an alleged TS pilot shortage to pressure Congress to change or nullify the 3407 laws! Mark my words!!
David Wright 2
Gojet was always the u it with lower paid pilots so go figure THEY are the ones that cannot find pilots because of a “pilot shortage” whereas GJ isn’t! Read the tea leaves. There is no pilot shortage there is a pay shortage!! GJ and TS do not want to pay what a 1500 hr pilot demands. They exist on paying little for low time so pilots can add hours while flying paying passengers. That’s why 3407 laws were enacted because the market model isn’t safe! Airlines are trying any way they can to have that 1500 reduced even more, if not eliminated, to go back to ore 3407 days!
David Wright -1
Type. GJ is the unit with lower paid pilots so go figure TS can’t find pilots whereas GJ can! Look at Eastern Airlines demise at the benefit of
Continental as a lesson on syphoning assets from one airline to another when both are owned by the same person!
MatthewF 1
Alot of airlines are having this problem. I am surprised it got to this point to cease operations.
themold 1
Anybody remember AltAir AL out of Philly?
paul patten 1
Yup, they were the first commuter to operate jet aircraft, I think.
carste10 1
I remember AltAir. We had a continuing connection to Harrisburg during the Three Mile Island crisis only to discover they were no longer operating.
tim mitchell 0
I honestly thought they'd gone by the wayside a while ago. Is this the same TSA that operated 717s out of CLT?
sparkie624 3
No... They fly the EMB-145
D.B. Warren 3
Tim Mitchell-

It is not... this TSA started out at Resort Air and became Trans States Airlines in 1989... for the majority they've operted smaller regional aircraft including the ATR 42 & 72, BAe Jetstream 31 & 41, EMB-120, and Fairchild Swearingen Metro III...
tim mitchell 3
After a little bit of research I see that I was thinking about Air Trans and American Trans Airlines; both of which became part of Southwest.
SmokedChops 2
AirTran was one of the larger carriers using the 717's. I flew MLI to ATL with the 'CITRUS' several times, not long before they were glommed onto by Southwest.
sparkie624 5
And all (or most) of the 717's went to Delta on a Lease

[This poster has been suspended.]

Trump is a jetsetter,he patronizes aviation.You really should climb out of the cool-aid punchbowl once in a while.
sparkie624 0
Give us a Viable option.. Someone better!


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