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Passengers: Feds Orchestrated “Underwear Bomber” Plot to Advance War on Terror

On Christmas Day, 2009, Nigerian-born Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly attempted to detonate a bomb hidden in his underwear on a transatlantic flight to Detroit. According to the official narrative, the security apparatus failed to detect the nearly successful plot. But attorney Kurt Haskell and his wife, who were passengers on the flight from Amsterdam with Abdulmutallab, aren’t buying it. “The U.S. government escorted him through security without a passport, and we believe gave him an… ( More...

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nickmarconi019 0
This is disguisting what these people think. This is an unbelievable and absoultely unbelievabely wrong statement.
pntbllr233 0
This just goes to show what people these days are willing to do for their 15 minutes of fame.
indy2001 0
The kind of tripe doesn't belong on FlightAware. What's next, links to the 9/11 "truthers"?

K. Shupp 0
Never hurts to tell the truth, except when it gets in the way of a crooked gov't official storyline- except why do the crooked idiots never get a story straight the first time, but need to keep altering details again and again?
Lies never stand up to bright illumination, so what can be gained from knowing that, for instance, the day of the London Tube bombing-
happens during a security test mockup (plenty of chances to infiltrate a few new faces into the training squads), so 7/7 is like 9/11 with dozens of simulations occurring during the "hijackings"
videos never seem to emerge from areas that are infested with multitudes of video cameras- but they happen to all go out of order just for that time span- wonder why the FBI confiscated all of the videos from gas stations, hotels, etc. around the pentagon, and we never see any videos from all of the pentagon cameras- just a mockery from the parking booth? (You believe that they are on the up-n-up after that, you are a sorry individual)
witnesses say that the train coaches have floors blown UP from bombs planted underneath
proven that one train connection claimed to be used by a perp was not running that day, so IMPOSSIBLE for that person to make the trip as the "plant" story stated- guess they forgot to check dates on the train schedules at MI-5- doofusses, or is the plural "doofi"?
The only thing that will remain consistent in these orchestrated plots is the lack of consistency in the storylines. Always.
Now try looking at the total fabrications of the OKC Murrah building McVeigh tripe convention.
Stuart Paulson 0
Seriously? Why is this insanity fostered on FlightAware? Take the garbage out somewhere else?
Selfmade 0
Why insanity? The US did that to get the naked scanner, the company who produces them is owmed by a close friend of a big politician... US gov. always does this shit (Heroin in France, STDs in South America, selling drugs). But well I won't say anything more, this is the wrong place. :P
Matt Comerford 0
Thumbs down. Did hanity write this?
KhalReblic23 0
Can we revoke mr. pvtplt from posting things that obviously don't belong on FA....?


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