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EASA certifies Pipistrel Velis Electro

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified Pipistrel's battery-powered Velis Electro trainer, the Slovenian manufacturer announced yesterday. ( Mehr...

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Etienne Daniels 2
Congratulations pipistrel, my favorite is the Virus 121.
bosquetia 2
60db! That would take some getting used to. Typically only 60db in the cockpit means trouble.
Etienne Daniels 0
Yes indeed but this is the noise out side the cockpit. Even with a rotax engine the noise is much less than with a continental or Lycoming. People around the airport will notice. Compare it with a Harley and a Honda :).
Mike Williams -3
Pipistrel says the drive system produces no gases at all. The airplane may directly not any gas itself BUT the electricity probably does cause more gasses by the electric producer unless this producer does use the various methods such as solar, wind, tidal machines. And many makers of the structural frames do use hydrocarbon fuel somewhere.
What was 1st the chicken or the egg?
Falconus 7
For what I think is a very well-balanced presentation on this, check out the Youtube Video "Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? Myth Busted" by Engineering Explained.

Basically, when taking production into account, in the United States, electric-powered vehicles are almost always better for the environment in terms of carbon emissions than a traditional ICE, although in a state like WV that is coal dominated, the advantage is still there but less significant.

The CO2 released in production is not all that significant compared to long-term usage of the automobile, especially in regards to ICE engines.

While the video doesn't address aircraft, I would imagine that the benefits of electric power would be amplified somewhat because aircraft ICE's often use older technology that is safer but less efficient than that of a modern car (as I understand it, magnetoes are such an example).


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