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Lufthansa prepares launch of new leisure unit Ocean

Lufthansa has incorporated a new entity named Ocean to operate long-haul flights to tourist destinations and reduce the “complexity” of the group’s current presence in that segment. The German airline tells Cirium it is in the process of securing an air operator’s certificate for the new unit, which will not operate under its own brand. “The idea is to develop a new product line in the quality leisure segment… based on Edelweiss’s business model,” says Lufthansa. Edelweiss – a leisure affiliate… ( Mehr...

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Lee Withers 9
Anybody else get lost in the maze of brand names?
paul gilpin 1
just try figuring out the ownership of freighters sailing the oceans.
if someone doesn't want the ownership discovered, it will be impossible to track/trace down.
Etienne Daniels 3
Same wine in a different bottle to avoid legal (labor dispute and other) actions against their existing companies when the shit hits the fan?
SkyAware123 2
EXACLTY what I was thinking.
Air berlin.. gone
Brussels airlines... gone.
It's just another legal entity to shield off Lufthansa.
aurodoc 1
David Burns 1
Where? I pay 3 bucks!
aurodoc 1
California 1.99 to 2.49
David Burns 1
Still a good price considering shipping costs to the East Coast.
Lanny Word 1
Maybe they will do like Air France did with Joop. I would get off an Air France flight in business class and hop on their Joop low cost division for an inter European flight and it was way better, including the food, than their mainline Long haul business class. But of course they close it down because it was too good.
william baker 2
Joon airlines not Joop
Lanny Word 2
Yep, my autocorrect changed them to Joop the cologne. Couldn’t find how to edit posts on here.
Sani Erbilgin 1
What a mess
J.J. Lasne 1
They could just buy back Condor, their former charter carrier which has some fairly new Boeing aircraft and some very nice routes to the US such as Seattle, Anchorage, Las Vegas, Florida, etc. They could expand from that with moving aircraft from LH to DE.


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