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Russia And China’s Boeing 787 Alternative: The CR929 Hits Turbulence

With plans to target Airbus and Boeing in the commercial widebody passenger plane market, China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation Limited (CRAIC) CR929 project seems to have hit another snag. Disagreement over suppliers has pushed the expected delivery date of the new aircraft to 2029. ( Mehr...

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patrick baker 3
this odd-couple picked a high goal to surpass, namely the 787. THere is a slight history of national cooperation here, no history of industrial cooperation here, and yeah, are they going to use engines and avionics not of their joint making? Only a fool would fly on a plane navigated and powered by indigenous russian/chinese engines and avionics, although i'll bet this joint company has stolen many western design ideas in engines and avionics lately.

butylkus 2
Funny... Let's count deaddrops percentage of russian planes and spacecrafts. You'll be shocked with extremely dangerous flights on Boeings, Airbuses and Spacedragons ;)
Russians like to say about such situations: "Rapid horse needs slow harness"
Roy Hunte 4
I have a funny feeling this aircraft may never get off the ground....
butylkus 0
BTW&FIY: whole world uses 3-phases active current powerlines. You thouhgt it was invented by Tesla and killed Edissons plans? Well, unfortunately for you, Tesla insisted on a single-phase current, which is not used anywhere now. The one phase that you have in the outlet is actually just one of the three phases in the network supplied to your house. Why I speak about Tesla and electric systems? Funny, but inventor of three-phased system invented asynchronous engine as well, which still being reproduced without any minor changes even in Tesla cars! More than a century, Karl! And now, when you are ready for it, I offer to you google name of AEG director and REAL inventor of our electric world. Spoiler alert: yes, Russian ;)
mark robinson 1
If we look back at the political differences and issues of national pride between the UK and France that sometimes got in the way of Concorde's development, it's hardly surprising that there are problems between China and Russia.
I can't personally see either country giving way or making sufficient compromises for this project to fly (excuse the pun!).
jptq63 -1
Wonder about the C919 given the likely slow down (even in China it is likely?) and availability of both 737s and 320s likely for a lower cost that are already ready to be used and pilots trained and long term flight history....


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