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American Airlines Send Man $1000 Bill For Skipping Flights

“Hidden City” or “Throw-Away” ticketing is not illegal, but it is against an airline’s contract of carriage that you pledge to abide by when you book a ticket. The concept is simple. Airlines often charge more for direct flights so when booking, say, Los Angeles to New York, it may end up costing more for that flight alone than booking Los Angeles to New York to Orlando, even though the LA to NY flight is the same. ( Mehr...

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k1121j 12
Perhaps if the airlines price flights logicaly and this would not be a thing?!?
sparkie624 10
Logic... I am not sure that word is in their dictionary!
Wolfgang Prigge 3
Maybe they’ll put it in their dictionary if it can get them more money?
Torsten Hoff 3
That's what they are doing. They are offering a discount on the less convenient, non-direct flight.
Richard Isbell 1
I don’t see how AA can win as they weren’t damaged in any way. They lost no revenue and saved on fuel.
Colin Seftel 1
It seems like you can get away with it a few times before they catch on!
i remember several years back ,having a passenger tell me it was cheaper to buy "through" ticket for a a flight that went iah/ord/yul, and just get off the plane during the layover in ord,which was his destination anyway,then just not re board..he did it all the time he said..that was however, prior to a much more security oriented system and tickets that were scrutinized.."direct" flights and nonstop are often confused by passengers,and they are not the same..its just that airlines (befor people were booking thmeselves onlne)would forget to clarify you were on a flight that had a so called "stopover..
Brian Anderson 1
I confess. I've done that same thing many times.
ADXbear -1
Sky Nazis just font use a FF program, by the ticket you want get off when you want..
Too many stupid rules..
Nick Carlson 2
Airlines are not city buses where you can get on and off as your choose. The seat you choose to vacate is saleable but can't be sold because you were expected to fill it and didn't. That's proper business. Did you read the entire article which explains this clearly?
Randy Brown 3
That is as silly as saying Keebler should charge you extra if you throw away uneaten cookies.
That seat WAS sold and paid for. Just because the airline saved a little money on gas because the plane was a bit lighter doesn’t mean they should charge extra.
. “We could have sold that cookie again” is not a good argument.
Airlines use every sick and twisted way they can imagine to get more “revenue” out of you.
They are “Bait and switch pros”
Seems more than fair when someone uses their greed against them.


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