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A Delta pilot is reportedly suing the airline for $1 billion, accusing it of stealing the idea for an app he developed

A Delta Air Lines pilot is suing the company for $1 billion, saying it stole the idea for an app he'd developed and pitched to it, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Craig Alexander filed the lawsuit against Delta in a Georgia court on Monday. He said he put $100,000 of his own money toward developing a communications app called QrewLive for Delta crews, according to Bloomberg. ( Mehr...

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Kris Durbin 12
There's a lot going on here. He may have a legitimate IP case, under the implied contract of work-to-hire, but whether or not he did it on company time or using company resources could be irrelevant. He's taking the position that he was strung along, which could be a case. Where he will get fried is in his alleged damages. He has absolutely zero case for $1B and I am sure every court in this nation will dismiss his case because there is absolutely zero way he can claim damages. This is not a case of two IT companies making the same product. This is the case of an employee working with his employer to develop an app for the employer. He never intended to compete with his employer and therefor has no right to statutory claims. So what will inevitably happen is he will have his case dismissed and he will be terminated for cause as soon as he's 30 seconds late at his next show time.
canuck44 6
Hopefully for his sake he obtained some copy right protection before sharing with Delta. If he did this will only be a matter of settling for recovering his costs and licensing fees.
David Ingram 3
GM did this all the time in their Hourly Suggestion Program. Turn it down and then it is a good idea once the time expires and it comes from management.
from reading the stoy,it seems as though the man,a delta employee,was working on this idea on company time and did openly and willingly share the idea with delta,his employer..there are clauses in employee related paperwork that you sign for any position, that deal not only with percs and healthcare, but with ideas and what you can or cannot do..i think huis suit will be heard and dismissed..


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