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Pratt & Whitney Outlines Vision for Renewing the B-52

The Air Force has set an ambitious goal for the B-52 Stratofortress: Update the aircraft for the modern battlefield so the legendary bomber can continue flying combat missions at least 100 years after its first flight. Central to the Air Force’s plan are new engines, which should slash maintenance and fuel costs while delivering significantly improved mission performance and reliability. ( Mehr...

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James Simms 7
Whenever I see a former General or Colonel in the employ of a defense contractor, warning bells go off in my head.
canuck44 3
One begins to wonder about the downsides of having another eight engines instead of four. They lead us to believe the new engines will merely be "Plug and Play" with the existing eight rather than using four which would have plenty of power providing weight and ground clearance are adequate. They still must change the monitoring and control of any new engine so four should half their problems.
Peter Fuller 4
There are arguments for going to four larger engines, but methinks the Air Force has already taken the decision to stay with the eight-engine layout.

The squawked article is flagged ‘sponsored’ and is essentially an advertisement for Pratt & Whitney (one of three bidders for the engine contract, along with GE and Rolls-Royce.)

See these two articles for more info:
James Simms 2
My understanding is there would be so much involvement in reworking engine mounts, wing structure, plus any instrumentation & train8ng changes. Lots of background experience w/the B-52 so why mess w/it? Any costs going to eight engines should be offset w/ fuel & maintenance savings

Let’s not do another 737 Max, especially w/a National Security item/component.

‘Hey, it worked so well w/the Max, let’s do it w/the B-52.’



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