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Spirit Airlines Slashes Guidance After Operational Meltdown

A combination of severe weather and staffing shortages forced Spirit Airlines to cancel a huge proportion of its flights earlier this month. Spirit reduced its Q3 revenue expectations by up to $150 million, while operating expenses will exceed its previous outlook. The recent crisis is unlikely to have a meaningful impact on Spirit's long-term profitability. Just a few weeks ago, Spirit Airlines' (NYSE:SAVE) recovery seemed to be accelerating. The budget airline posted a much smaller… ( Mehr...

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patrick baker 3
this airline has no plans in place to serve those whose flights are cancelled, because they lack back up aircraft in place to do exactly that. They cancell flights for legitimate reasons and for the reason of adminstrative incompetence, but little meaning that has for the price seeking patrons who fly in the yellow cattle cars and find out that their flight is no-go today, perhaps no-go tommorow and the next day. No other airline wants to haul these unfortunates back home. Driving is almost always the better way to get anywhere within the contentental united states network of Spirit Airlines, the last twelve inches of the large intestine of the united states air lines.
Neil49 3
Such an uninformed and juvenile comment.

No fan of Spirit here, but "lack of backup aircraft"? This reveals a complete lack of understanding of the industry, or at the least, a serious deficit of reading comprehension.
patrick baker 3
the big four trunks always seem to have aditional aviailable aircraft that can be rescheduled to perform necessary remidial work. I did not mean to imply aircraft sitting uselessly on some field unused, just waiting aroudn. That would be a waste of working capitol, and the crews also. Scheduling flexibility would be the term you would best be comfortable with.


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