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Southwest cancellations leave hundreds stranded without much explanation

Hundreds of Southwest Airlines customers have been left stranded due to widespread cancellations across the country. The airline has said that an air traffic management program put in place due to weather has caused significant delays, although some customers say it is rumored that employees are on strike. “When I got to the line they rescheduled me on a flight tonight at 9, but that one was just cancelled too,” flyer Wendie Kaminski said. The flight cancellations have caused passengers to grow… ( Mehr...

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mary susan watkins 2
it has long been the case(even before covid)that passengers expect an airline,which IS a business,to be some "god like" entity that will take are of all of their travel problems..granted, these massive cancellations,which wn said was due to weather and no atc,and the faa said not so,ARE a very confusing and anger sparking event for a travelling public just now getting back into airplane seats..but a large portion of it has to do with NO CREWS to fly the airplanes,because of a lack of flight crews for many reasons,including unions saying they wont fly if covid shots are required, and lots of crews who took early outs months is a bad situation all the way around, and one southwest have EVER encountered of luck to them and their management..
avionik99 2
SWA is the worst at this! Very little compensation for flyers and give the cattle treatment far worse than any other. Their silly boarding process shows it all.
Dave Lewis 2
Flight out of RDU canceled on Sunday, Oct 10 morning... received a text at 8:06 that we were rebooked out of RDU on Tuesday, Oct 12, this flight has three stops just to get back to Dallas. We waited on the phone four and a half hours and then gave up. Drove to the airport where representatives told us that we should be happy that we were rebooked. Our flight on the 12th leaves at 6am, meaning that we have to get up at our hotel (which we've had to pay ourselves) at 4:30am to catch the flight -- won't know if the flight is actually leaving until we get to the airport! SWA truly is lacking on customer service, not really keeping stranded customers informed or cared for!
emkostiuk -2
It's time to reevaluate your Corporate decisions. I think your employees are trying to tell you something SWA.
Ron Wilcher -3
GOOD, someone has to stand up to a government that wants us all to do as they say, not what they do. The vaccines do not work anyway. Ive known people that had Covid and go the shot 4 months later and got it again right after get the shot.
James Driskell 1
Sound like the writer has been staring at the moon!
Ron Wilcher 1
The truth be known


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