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Icon A5 Serves Well As A Rescue Plane For Ditched Mooney in Florida

When Genesah Duffy, Chief Pilot and Senior Director of Flight Operations for Icon Aircraft, took off for a return-to-service shakedown flight in one of the company’s A5 amphibians, she wasn’t expecting it to turn into an air-sea-rescue mission. The Mooney was later reported to be on a flight from Lakeland Linder International Airport when it developed an engine problem. ( Mehr...

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coinflyer 17
She sounds extremely competent and down to earth. Just the pilot I would want flying my planes.
sparkie624 8
Perfect Example of the Right Person at the Right Place at the Right Time.
With the right equipment!
Cleffer 6
I'd like to rescue someone in my own Icon A5. The only thing I'm missing is the hundreds of thousands of dollars. :)
sparkie624 4
I would love to be in that boat as well (No Pun Intended)
John Duffy 3
Job well done, Ms. Duffy's swift actions probably saved the man's life.
sparkie624 0
Probably, Where hers floats, the Bonanza doesn't for long!
srobak 3
I actually remember thinking after watching some of the early icon promo and demo flight videos that it would be a great aircraft for inland water rescue situations... canada, pacific northwest, minnesota, great lakes, etc. Coast guard & such may want to consider it after this. You could at least get to the victims quickly, easily and get into tight spots.
Joel Payne 2
As they say , in Australia- "GOOD ON HER".


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