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Man accused of accidentally firing gun at airport turns himself in

The man suspected of accidentally firing a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport earlier this month, causing pandemonium in the terminal and serious travel delays, has surrendered to authorities. Kenny Wells Jr., 42, turned himself in to the Clayton County Jail on Tuesday, Atlanta police announced in a news release. Wells, who has served prison time on weapons charges, is accused of firing the gun when he lunged to grab it from his bag as his luggage was being searched by TSA agents at… ( More...

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jbqwik 4
Apparently, the only smart thing this fool has done.
Tom Bright 2
Well this fine person, will not be flying the skies much longer. He will be seeing a lot of bars for the future.
mary susan watkins 1
good grief..the man has already faced weaapns charges, so you would think he might understand the repercussions of a stupid act..i guess not!


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