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PA-46 accident passengers wrongly believed they were flying with airline

French investigation authority BEA has detailed its concern over the way the flight to Courchevel mountain airfield was arranged, after the passenger organising the trip believed the service was associated with Air France-KLM. ( More...

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Andy Cruickshank 4
I have had the privilege of making a successful (supervised) takeoff and landing at Courchevel.Definatly a bucket list item. The flight school instructor was fantastic and made the experience truly memorable. There is no "go around" option here and you have to decide very early on making the approach. It is a STEEP uphill landing and difficult to judge the touchdown point. It is also at an elevation of approx 6600 ft (2000m)
Torsten Hoff 4
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020) had a Courchevel landing challenge in a TBM 930. It grades your performance at the end and ranks you amongst all the other sim pilots who have taken the challenge. Definitely worth checking out.
Frank Harvey 2
VNBR looks like a neat little VFR only strip in a bowl in mountains with extremely limited facilities, even to tie down. There is an interesting video of two departures on Youtube. The second one sits on the brakes and winds it up and still uses a lot of concrete. Then he has an interesting climb out but the video seems to cut away too early. I would have liked to see how he got over the mountain, or if he turned right and went through the pass.
Frank Harvey 2
Apologies posted to wrong Squawk
sparkie624 1
Still a good video!
coinflyer 1
Paywall. Could not read article.


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