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Qantas may re activate two 747 400's from Majove to help with strain on international flights

Qantas majove desert, two Boeing 747-438s returned to service after they were to be retired. CEO Alan Joyce made the announcement that due to aircraft shortages on International services they are considering bring our two 747-438s home to cope with the shortage of international aircraft. He said it was a mistake to send them there but had no options to preserve them long term or to be scrapped. VH-OEI VH-OEH are two 747s ready to be ferried back. There in good condition and have not being… ( Mehr...

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belzybob 8
Yes, nothing about 747s in their recent press releases.
william baker 8
The link talks about A330s going to become freighters not anything about 747’s coming back into service.
Paul F Harris 3
The Headline is about returning 2 747-400's back into service but the article is about the new Airbus freighters what gives
somebody must of had a brain fart
jmilleratp 3
Gsry Potts 3
Poor journalism. Spelling errors (there instead of they're), and "..will be sble to carry can carry .." but mainly where is the story on the return of two 747s? Come on guys!
Ian Harrison 2
No.sign of this announcement on QF press releases. Did they withdraw it or was it never there in the first place.
I would have expect if QF needed more Jumbo capacity the would have bought outa storage more A380 rather than reactivate another type. Also B787 and A330 are still under utilized.
So was this a hoax!
ADXbear 2
Yea... long live the Queen.. now if a US carrier would do the same..
Franky16 1
Not for the first time, the grammar in this article is atrocious. And then the link goes to another subject!
Hayden Topping 1
Firstly, VH-OEH and VH-OEI are both 747-438ERs.

Secondly, Qantas would never reactivate an aircraft they have already retired.

On the other hand, it isn't April 1st sooooo.


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