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Every Delta Air Lines Employee Will Get A $1,250 Bonus Next Month

As a way of thanking its workforce, Delta Air Lines will give each employee a US$1,250 bonus (or half of it, depending on specific requirements) on February 14 ( Mehr...

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this is NOT an uncommon practice for a large airline to give a "bonus" check when things are improving financially,or to reward the employees for hard work during "hard times" like weather problems ,work shortages,other airline strikes where employees handle their passengers,and for lots of other is NOT a yearly occasion, as with some companies,and i believe due to the massive issues caused by covid, the people who are trying to continue working are very deserving..did any of you see the lines during all of the latest weather problems and canccellations? there is no need for ANY rude nor snarky comments about delta giving bonuses to the way..the rule of thumb on the checks is they are given to ALL employees,including flight crews,and the article states that those with less than a years service with delta still get a check, but at half the assured the delta employees are apprecaitive of the airline actually recognizing them for truly some hard times!!!
Jon Duncan 2
avionik99. Would you rather have the $1,250 or nothing?
avionik99 1
I would want the real numbers given of what the employees are really getting. Kinda like Social Security folk getting a 5.9% raise yet with medicare going up it was not anywhere near that and even a pay cut for some! Very misleading to say the least.
scott8733 2
Hey- it's better than Clark Griswold's one year Jelly of the Month Club membership.
avionik99 1
That equates to 60 cents per hour for a full timer. Reduce that by tax's, disability, medicare, etc and other deductions and its far less.
paul trubits 0
Gate agents getting tasers?
Don't be ridiculous. They are getting one free month of Netflix.
sparkie624 1
have a since of Humor... But the way the flights are going... the Flight Attendants need them as well.
Actually I just read they are getting a $10 Walgreens gift card.

YOU have a sense of humor.


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