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American Airlines flight returns to MIA for disruptive customer

AA flight MIA-LHR returns due to disruptive customer refusing to wear a mask. ( More...

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Whether we like it or not, agree with it or not, or understand it or not, the Captain is in charge of his plane. Case closed!
Bayouflier -7
While the statement you made is a fact, it has NOTHING to do with whether on not the Captain made a completely inane decision.
Jim Quinn 2
I'm wondering whether the captain was one to make the decision. Did he even have a choice? Or was it a corporate action? Perhaps placing a mask on the woman and restraints for the seat would have been a better idea. I don't know. I'm just curious if there could have been other options that would have been less troubling for the 100+ other passengers and crew.
Cleffer 2
"Federal Mask Mandate". I would imagine they have a corporate policy that deals with the enforcement of it.
Do we know if she is a USA or European citizen? If European, she may have had no consequences once landed. I think there should be a hefty fine for the extra cost of all the fuel wasted plus the various inconveniences to the crew and passengers. Nicely over $15,000 I'd guess. Just putting her on a no-fly for that airline is not enough. Let her take a boat to Europe! And if I were an inconvenienced passenger who lost some connection, I'd want to sue here for personal damages.
I am sure the Captain called head office on a secure channel and was told to return. I agree with that decision, and hope that 'person' is under arrest and held pending $1,000,000 bail.
patrick baker 0
read the article. The lady walked and now is on no-fly with american airlines. THis is not how these kinds of cases ought to go in my humble opinion. She did not commit violence, she refused to maintain masking. There is no question of arrest and prohibitive bond.
Mike Davis 6
The bottom line is that all passengers know that masks are mandatory when entering an airport or aircraft. She knew what she was doing. She needs to pay for the consequences of her actions. This may be airline policy to return. So did she enter the airport and the aircraft with a mask and then removed it? Or did she walk through security without one? I'm betting on the former. No excuses. Choices have consequences which should include the cost of fuel and time lost, not to mention the inconvenience to over one hundred other passengers who follow the reasonable guidelines.
Jim Quinn 1
Seems a bit stupid to interrupt the entire flight vs continuing and having the actor detained by the Brits, however I do not blame anyone but the woman for initiating the required protocols. I would certainly been highly ticked off if I'd been a passenger on the flight. I think the Brits would have been much more harsh. Everyone else aboard was punished because of the actions of one woman. What a crazy world we live in these days.
patrick baker -2
i disagree with returning to Miami to drop off this passenger, when they are near several other airports with numerous american airline flights. Big loss of time, the pilots may have timed out, and the passengers who stayed masked were inconvenienced. The lady in question needed only to have access to bus schedules to get to where she might want to go . Certainly not London, England, but she deserved the least little bit of consideration.
John Kiger 3
Would love to know where you expect a plane that size to land when they are an hour and a half out over the Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous logistical issues to consider other than just ejecting a passenger.
John Kiger 1
Too early to do math. Looks like they were about 45 minutes out to sea. Most likely needed to burn off (or dump) more fuel any way before landing if they choose a closer airport.
Bayouflier -6
If the only infraction was not wearing a mask, this might be the dumbest "return to base" in the history of commercial aviation. It would be difficult to put a number on what this will cost AA, but more than likely in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Not to mention disrupting the lives of the other passengers and the financial onus it may have caused them. I can only hope that there were other mitigating circumstances.
John Kiger 2
Agreed. If it was only a mask issue I would think they would continue and handle it at destination. The unruly part leads me to believe the passenger was argumentative and obnoxious and maybe combative. Usually more to every story.

Shenghao Han 1
Still, might be a smaller cost if FAA/CDC/etc. found out and come with a hearty fine.


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