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10-inch knife found in baby car seat at Logan Airport

TSA officers found a 10-inch (25-centimeter) long butcher knife wedged into the side of a baby’s car seat at a security checkpoint at Boston’s Logan International Airport, officials said. After the knife was confiscated, the car seat was rescanned and the woman and her baby were allowed to continue on their flight to Atlanta, he said. ( Mehr...

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Wow! So many questions and no answers.
linbb 2
The wonder is why was it there? Funny item to carry that way for sure as its carry on and would have been in cabin with the lady.
sparkie624 2
Now days it could have been the man carrying the baby... Hard to tell from the article who actually was carrying the kid.. but sounds like both parents may be in some very hot water.
Chris Bryant 5
There was no mention of any man. It said "the woman and her baby..." indicating that there wasn't a third person in that group.
Ken Jackson 1
They continued there flight. There was no “hot water”. This is why we no longer fly.
Charlie Roberts 2
Boston must be pretty rough if infants are packing 10-inch knives.
sparkie624 2
WOW.. Just noted in the Article: "No one was arrested, a TSA New England spokesperson said." - Why would they have not been arrested.. More than 1 knife has been used in a Hijacking over the decades!
Chris Bryant 2
I laughed at some of the comments in the article.
Yeah, 10" knives fall into car seats all the time. Sure.
sparkie624 1
Especially with a baby in the seat.. LOL
Larry Toler 3
I bet someone and not the mother planted it there for some sort of child custody issue to make the mother look bad. Then again her and the baby were flying into ATL. She might have needed that knife on the MARTA train leaving the airport.
sparkie624 1
That is real interesting... I guess he will be late to his destination.... LOL Maybe 10 or more years late!


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