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US airport security screening to become more gender-neutral

U.S. airport security procedures will become more gender-neutral, with changes to scanners used for screening and the use of an “X” for travelers going through Precheck who do not identify as male or female, the Biden administration said. TSA officers will also receive new instructions on screening intended to make procedures less invasive, the DHS said in a statement. ( Mehr...

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Jim Tucker 6
There are only 2 genders. Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder. What's next, giving schizophrenics multiple passports?
sparkie624 2
Be Careful where you say that.. I got a Warning Letter in my file for calling a "He and He" and not a "She" and I didn't even know it was Transgender... Now days it is sometimes next to impossible to tell what they are... I guess just one of the Heinz 57 Flavors!
Robert OBrien 4
For physical inspection, does TSA have gender-neutral inspectors?
sparkie624 3
That is one question that goes best unanswered!
Jim Quinn 7
I long for the days when a "tranny" was something between an engine and a drive shaft, and a "cool" tranny had a shifter on the floor, four speeds and a t-handle with "Hurst" on it. This country is getting more ridiculous every day catering to weirdos who identify as whatever they wish. Enough is enough. Pure BS.
sparkie624 1
I had a comment, but changed my mind... Someone might get offended! What a society we live in and it is not getting any better!
befreefilm 5
Bring back State Hospitals. Problem solved.
Rico van Dijk 2
Another case of budget cuts disguised under popular believes.
dnorthern 2
The show must go on
sparkie624 6
This is getting more stupid everyday... Why is this even news! I do not self Identify, if they can't tell by looking at me, then the problem is theirs! UGH! As Mel Gibson and Danny Glover said: "We are getting too old for this S???" - I will not bow to the Heinz 57 group!
tlfys1 4
Motorcyclist who "identifies" as bicyclist wins bike race... this is how stupid our society has become. Thanks brandon
and the problem is ?
Muchits 1
Ohh come on


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