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Memphis Airport Reinstalls Photo of Asian Elvis Impersonator After Outcry

Memphis International Airport has issued an apology after abruptly removing and then reinstating Memphis photographer Tommy Kha’s self-portrait as an Elvis impersonator. When news of the removal sparked an uproar in the art community, however, the airport reinstated the photo and issued an apology to the artist. ( Mehr...

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Cleffer 5
That picture is great. They guy allegedly grew up down the street from Elvis's home, so I can totally see the influence. What's not to like? Oh yeah, the article..."Kha shot a self-portrait of himself"... As opposed to a self-portrait of someone else? LOL.
Silent Bob 9
There's a lot of fail going on in this article. They point out that the piece was removed due to numerous complaints. Of course a "small number" were because the guy is Asian, but they never elaborate on the rest. Were they legit or just people being "Karens"? And the airport "authority" admits they brought this on themselves by approving the piece in the first place, because their intent was to not have any art that depicted public figures or celebrities. WTF did they think was going to happen?
avionik99 5
Aren't these so called impersonators at the very least supposed to look a bit like Elvis? Just another case of the 001% telling the 99.999% what to do and how to think. In my opinion he looks nothing anywhere near Elvis and kinda creepy actually.
jeff slack -1
He (Elvis) signifies the lack of cultural barriers around certain celebrities all around the world even though (in this case) the celebrity is American.
(in most cases any celebrity being imitated is American)

It used to signify how embracing we were of others because others embraced our American culture. (sadly not anymore)
Other than Santa Claus and Marilyn Monroe I can not think of too many others where someone can fit into their clothes and be recognised.

Every country has its very own Elvis impersonator and everyone recognises that this celebrity has 'touched' everyone in some way.

Very forward-thinking and inclusive of someone at Memphis Airport.

If this is 'creepy' to you then you just might have the problem.
hal pushpak 1
Art is art because it evokes emotion.
Sometimes it evokes the best and the worst in us.
C172Rpilot 0
Its an airport, I'd rather see a picture/painting of the Memphis Bell, than the impersonation of a celebrity who died from an over-dose.
The difference is unbelievable, with the artwork in place the area looks lively and colorful; without, dead . . .


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