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American Airlines Awarded Just $1 In Decade Old Court Case

A legal case initially brought by US Airways and inherited by American Airlines after the merger of the two carriers in 2013 has resulted in the Dallas-based mega-carrier being awarded just a single dollar in damages by a US court, despite winning the case. Let's unravel the background of the legal action to discover why the airline's victory leaves it with little to celebrate. Background to the case Following a three-week trial, A US court jury has decided on a legal battle that has… ( More...

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btweston 10
Well, the lawyers got paid. The system is working the way it was designed.
Bayouflier 4
Yes. They got 33% of the award. Don't spend it all in one place.
patrick baker 5
this verdict and award brings into question in my mind the wisdom of the attorney information given to american management and the lack of a leash on their attack dog attorneys. Embarassment abounds here, blame on all sides, and foolishment aplenty. Another black eye for management (?) at american airlines.
sparkie624 4
I think it is a Black Eye for Both Parties!
Scott Campbell 8
Imagine what the One Dollar cost them, like everything Doug oversees . . .
sparkie624 5
That award was Slap them both and telling the other company that they should do better! LOL.. Interesting article. It cost both of the companies.
Doug Parker 2
...and all future ticket prices go up.

Instead of settling on the current system, then, let's figure out what system makes “costing both companies” makes prices go down.

(Time to cue the 'dreamer,' 'loonie,' 'nutcase' comments...)
Mooneymite Hight 4
If I'm not mistaken, Sabre was founded by American Airlines and was used effectiveely against its competitors in the early 80s. It was sold off for cash and became a separate entity. Interesting to see American inherit the lawsuit.
sweeper239 2
That is correct saber was founde4d by American There was one competitor owed by United called Saber Eventually others followed.

In 1996 Saber founded Travelocity which was the first booking system available to the public. three years later Microsoft launched Expedia

In 2000 the major carriers got together and formed hotwire.A year later they added orbitz and kayak. Then came skyscanner. And in 2010 Microsoft launched Google Flights.

Travel agents used to make 10% and $1.00 for every boarding pass the printed. Sadly that is a thing of the past. Unless a travel agency adds a fee they make nothing on the booking. Remember this the next time you use your friendly travel agent.
Dennis Truckenbrod 1
It's spelled "SABRE"!!!!!
Joe Daskalakis 1
Dunder Mifflin is a part of Sabre.
Fred B Rillo 0
I owned a Mooney Mite back in the dark ages of 1970. N4153. Loved that little airplane.
EMK69 3
I wonder how many times both parties wanted to settle out of court, instead declining the offers made and figuring a jury would side with them. I'm sure American will appeal this award.

Ouch on the $1.
sparkie624 3
Now that would be News worthy if it did... Post it in the Comedy Column... Being a Lawsuit settlement, it is not tax deductible either I do not think.. LOL
hwh888 7
Seems the only ones who profited from the case were the attorneys. What a great system - win or loose I still get my fat check. Gotta love this over ligated country.
Brian Chandler 1
Make a profit or not, your employer still pays you, right? Are you suggesting you should only be paid for your time when the company you work for does well?

Assuming you don't like that idea, why should attorneys only be paid when something they can't directly control (the case outcome)?
darjr26 2
The magic words here being…US Airways.
Timothy ONeilDunne 1
I was able to observe the case at fairly close proximity. Regardless of the sentiment of different people there was an important principal that will have long impact. The laws of this country are convoluted and in many cases inconsistent. The documentation was quite interesting as to the behaviour of the parties. AA won 2x.
Dennis Truckenbrod 1
Southwest Airlines is Dallas-based. American Airlines is Fort Worth-based. There's a world of difference!!!!!
jgoedker 1
These Corporations staff hundreds of attorneys on their payrolls. This was likely something to keep them busy and just a waste of the court's time and why it lasted so long.


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