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Pilots Fell Asleep on Ethiopian Airlines Flight to Addis Ababa

It has been reported that the pilots onboard Ethiopian Airlines Flight 343 fell asleep whilst overflying Addis Ababa, its destination, at 37,000 feet. ( More...

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sparkie624 8
LOL... Like that has never happened before... Reminds me of Northwest Airlines a number of years ago when the pilots overflew their destination for 2 hours not responding to ATC all because they had their laptops out working discussing pay.
tom239 4
Not two hours. ATC got no response when they radioed the plane at 7:24 PM (CDT). The pilots overflew their destination (MSP) at 7:58 and at 8:14 finally contacted ATC and said they'd been distracted. NW188 on Oct 21, 2009.
sparkie624 3
Thanks for the correction...
Larry Toler 3
Yep, that's the one I mentioned earlier.
Stephen Phillips 11
Just like US pilots that have done the same thing then linbb.
coinflyer 3
Larry Toler 2
Wasn't it Northwest pilots who overshot MSP because they were so wrapped up talking about new scheduling procedures?
Bayouflier 3
That was their story, anyway.
patrick baker 4
so what is the solution to this incident? less comfortable pilot seats, occasional rock music set to blare in cockpit?, or how about the true, obvious solution: proper crew rest that errs on the side more rest than less rest. THere could be a system implimented that every few minutes makes a alarm clock noise that must be turned off and can not be stopped from making that noise. Pilots would find it an irritant and they would be awake to have that irritating feeling. I know of a LLoyd Air Bolivia flight coming into Miami once that the stews entered the cockpit , noticing that an overdue descent had not happened as of yet, and found three snoozing pilots. Pilots were better rested to perform descent and landing in this case. Miami ATC in this case and all others did not perform wake up services.
Bob Spriggs 2
Just like the "Dead Man" button on locos
EMK69 4
ROFL like none of us have never dozed off
Tony Silverstrå 4
He was counting cloud-sheep and fell asleep
Kenneth Grimwood 2
I heard of a papermill where the operators seats where one leg stools!!!
Ciaran Kelly 3

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Jeff Phipps 17
Actually they're one of the best in Africa and have a fairly new fleet. I've flown with them a couple of times for business and their "Cloud 9" cabin and lounges are comparable with most big carriers. If you think these are the only 2 pilots that have screwed up, you haven't been following g aviation much. Doesn't make the whole operation crap.
Andy Cruickshank 12
Jeff, Everything he spews is directed towards non US airlines and he show no signs of changing his blatantly racist views. There is another post here by Stephen that mentions him, so he and his views are well known and suitably ignored.
Roy Hunte 5
So the Northwest pilots that did the same years ago were third world airline pilots too, eh?


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