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Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket grounded as FAA investigates launch failure

Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft is grounded until further notice. New Shepard suffered a booster failure during an uncrewed flight from West Texas on Monday morning (Sept. 12). The vehicle's capsule successfully engaged its emergency abort system and ended up landing safely under parachutes, but the booster crashed hard back to Earth. Monday's mission was the 23rd overall for the New Shepard program and the 17th to fly without any people onboard. The failure occurred about 1… ( Mehr...

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Luke Hamaty 3
The headline is sensationalized.
The article makes clear that it is Blue Origin that is grounding the craft, not the FAA. The FAA's is overseeing the investigation. As noted in the article: "This is standard practice for all mishap investigations."
Not much of a story here.
Michael Hawke 2
The FAA grounded all tourist flights by Blue Origin
mbrews 1
Know your facts before posting.

The current launch license and experimental permits from the US government Federal Aviation Administration authorize flights of New Shepard rockets.
bentwing60 4
Watch the video of the capsule recovery from 5:44 on to 5:48 and tell me the "backup retro system" ever fired! A 3 to 5 G splat in west TX. dirt will make quite a dust and dirt cloud as well.
frangipani 3
That was my thought watching it as well. The commentator said something about the retro rocket system firing, but rewatching that footage I saw zero evidence of retro rockets...
James Simms 1
Nothing a little Bondo, bailing wire, chewing gum, & elbow grease can’t fix
bentwing60 2
not to mention A-Prime membership dues!
Makes no sense to me why the FAA would oversee the investigation of a one-off experimental rocket that they did not build and know almost nothing about. It's not a mass produced airliner. Yes, it has taken passengers, but even spacecraft that have only carried test pilots and have had accidents have the investigations taken over by the FAA. I can see the FAA wanting to be fully informed, but who the hell are they to take over investigation of a private experimental aircraft.
mbrews 1
It is simple. Not "taken over", but watched quite closely, because the FAA has the legal authority to regulate US airspace Including launches of these New Shepard rockets.

The basic principle is safety of the public. A whole bunch of safety analyses and environmental analyses were done before any launches by this company at this site.

Now there is a stand-down, to analyze what happened. For the benefit of Blue Origin and public safety.
James Herring 1
"Landed hard." Ha!


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