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Vulcan Bomber Narrowly Misses Cars as it Overshoots Runway

A Vulcan Bomber narrowly avoided what could have been a disaster yesterday (Sep 16), when it overshot a runway at Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield in Warwickshire (United Kingdom) and stopped just short of a busy public road with cars driving by. ( More...

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Ed Kostiuk 7
Bond, James Bond is not happy. Seriously, glad the bird will be OK.
Yes, as a 12 year old, I absolutely fell in love with the Vulcan as I watched Thunderbolt (about a dozen times)!
Larry Toler 2
You mean Thunderball?
bentwing60 4
I guess a plowed field works as well as EMAS, a good thing!
John Taylor 3
I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall in the mid-70's and got to see the occasional Vulcan shoot approaches once in a while. It always looked a little strange but cool.
Chris B 2
Was on a Vulcan base... they were amazing...
David Hasse 2
Overshoots runway isn't accurate when he was only taxiing, a bit fast maybe but he wasn't landing so as to overshoot it. Slides off the end of runway more appropriately. Winding up the engines to that extent is a prelude to actually getting that beautiful bird in the air. Congrats to all!
Raleigh Truitt 2
It had reheat but no thrust reversers. Should'a been the other way around.
sparkie624 4
I was expecting a much worse outcome based on the title... Glad the aircraft will be able to fly another day
Ken Mitchell 4
Since it isn't airworthy now - and was not - we can hope that it might fly again someday.
Graham Bird 2
It will not, nor will other - airworthy - Vulcans as the manufacturer withdrew support.
SkyAware123 1
no it won't and never will.
Dan Chiasson 1
"The incident was reportedly caused by a malfunction, according to the caretakers of the retired Royal Air Force (RAF) plane". Caused by a malfunction? No ()*() Batman. I thought they may have done it just to show off. Yes I know additional info is provided later in the article.
Jim Allen 1
Larry Toler 1
I thought they were grounded for museums. I'm glad got another one up and flying. If you get a chance to see one during a flight display. It's amazing.
Roy Hunte 5
It was only doing a taxi test to keep the engines in working order, it's not airworthy.
Larry Toler 1
LOL, I should have known. I was beginning to wonder who had an infinite amount of money to get one flying again.
SkyAware123 0
stupid idea.
Raleigh Truitt 0
What is stupid idea?
mmc7090 -4
Malfunctioning incompetence no Sht Sherlock!
Rick D 1
What is your problem?


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