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NZ1 (JFK-AKL)Diverts to NAN for "gas and go"

Air New Zealand has diverted its direct New York to Auckland service to Fiji, as the flagship service faces continuing issues with unfavourable weather. NZ1 out of New York JFK has updated this evening's route to include a stop at Nadi International airport to refuel. ( More...

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jbermo 2
A bridge too far.
mbrews 2
I love this line from the article, about the intermediate fuel stop in Fiji --

"The inaugural 787 flight suffered similar issues with strong headwinds and difficult weather, leading the flight to offload passenger luggage and take on additional fuel in order to make the ultra-long route. "

Sorry, Mate. Can't take your luggage along next leg. Drop it here in Fiji !!
Rod George 1
Same thing happened to me in 1997 LOS ANGELES - SYDNEY United Airlines 747. Had to stop in Fiji for refuel due to strong headwinds


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