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Polish airline asks U.S. judge to declare it crime victim in 737 MAX case

Oct 28 (Reuters) - Polish national airline PLL LOT on Friday asked a U.S. judge to declare it was a crime victim in the Boeing 737 MAX criminal case, a move that could make the airline eligible for significant compensation. ( More...

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Kerry Moore 2
Having a Flight Control surface actuated from one single sensor input is not good design EVER! Minimum of two required. Bad design, poor decisions regarding working with FAA at the manufacturer, combined with training issues and low time personnel in the flight deck all were factors in these crashes

linbb -2
Oh wow so they launched and AC that had a known fault write up with a full load of PAX and it crashed. So what I see here is very poor management within the airline itself. WOW Oh and low time people up in the pointy end.


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