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FAA mandates 5G-tolerant altimeters, warns of ‘catastrophic incident’

U.S. FAA proposes requiring 5G safeguards on planes by early 2024 ( More...

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Dwight Albers 24
It never should have become aviation’s problem. They knew about this years ago. To think the FCC allowed this to continue is criminal!
ed balls 1
Probably profitable as well
The spectrum never should have been auctioned off to the cellular industry. The FCC is ultimately the responsible party, as those frequencies weren’t originally intended for use by communications companies until the government sold them.
sweeper239 6
it's all about the money !
wayne holder 2
Yup..the FCC gets more tax $ from phone than from the airline industry
patrick baker 26
the FAA, the fantasy aviation administrators, are now trying to get ahead of a safety topic that they ought to have been speaking of when 5G first was proposed, like glideslopes operate very close to 5G, and 5G should be put on hold until the telephone companies solve the problem and not contribute to airline crashes in instrument landings. If the voice companies had been told no 5G activation until this overlap gets solved, the problem would have been addressed, and none of us would have to hear FAA blather on uselessly,
Torsten Hoff 17
>> until the telephone companies solve the problem

It’s not the cellular carriers’ problem to solve. Their equipment operates on frequencies allocated to them.

linbb 8
And was it not a political foot ball back when this all started and interference was the problem?
rbt schaffer 3
ILS glideslope frequency not the problem ... CAT II and CAT III approaches below the ILS 200' minimums affected... they rely on radio altimeter guidance
Sean Mathews 6
Really? "The UHF glide slope transmitter, operating on one of the 40 ILS channels within the frequency range 329.15 MHz, to 335.00 MHz radiates its signals in the direction of the localizer front course."-From "Low-band 5G” and “Mid-band 5G” use frequencies from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, especially 3.5-4.2 GHz."-From
Jim Allen 3
I thought it was a radio altimeter issue.. which doesn’t impact the glide scope signal but whether you’re on it.
kman527 2
Obviously not a pilot or not informed. 5G problems are associated with radio altimeters and have absolutely nothing to do with glide slopes (ILS).
Douglas Hoff 3
It would seem they are putting "cat videos on your cellphone" ahead of aviation safety.
Mary Ann Yavelow 1
Just keep people safe in the skies that we all fly in!!
That’s the most important thing of all!!
John Taylor 1
I read somewhere, but can't confirm the validity, that part of the problem is "sloppy" reception in some older radio-driven avionics systems that allow excessive bleed over from nearby frequencies. Older electronics have had that problem for decades. Maybe electronics on aircraft should have tighter precision standards. Especially since "they" keep wanting to have airplanes more and more automated.
Alan Dahl 2
I think the issue is not with the main 5G signal but with harmonics interfering with altimeters with poor filtering.
billatq 3
It's pretty much that. The filtering wasn't needed when that spectrum wasn't used in its current application, but it is for sure now. Not even all of the radio altimeters had this problem, just the ones without enough filtering.
matt jensen 1
Is that why there's a ground stop in place this morning on domestic flights until 0900?
Jim Mitchell 3
In a word "No".
matt jensen 3
[email protected] 0
I agree with Sweeper239--FOLLOW THE MONEY, DUMMIES!

Why has Congress given the broadband industry everything it wants (e.g., unrestricted 5G)?

BECAUSE the broadband industry, as a whole, has given our greedy FEDERAL politicians HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the past 5 or 6 Administrations. Shame on the industry, shame on the greedy politicians, but most of all, SHAME ON YOU AND ME for letting them both get away with it!

Bottom line, the predicted "catastrophic incident" will happen .... and the media will whine and bitch about it for about 2 days, never investing a dime of reporter's time into doing a deep dive into what was the REAL CAUSE of those 300+ fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, kids, etc. lives lost.


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