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Delta Air Lines A330 Lands Short Of Runway At AMS

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-300 operating flight DL134 between Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) and Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (AMS) landed short of the runway on Thursday, damaging the pavement and runway lights. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 3
I think I would have chosen runway 06. Runway 04, At 6600’ and It’s been a while but isn’t the landing distance required supposed to be 60% of the landing length available or about 3,960? Seems a bit short for an A-330-300, but then I’m not typed in it either.
mbrews 9
RW 22 was the runway in use for most landings at AMS/EHAM, that day. Incident happened early in the morning, at 07:52 local AMS time (06:52 Z ) With unusually strong winds from the Southwest

Here are METAR reports around the time of the incident -

EHAM 120655Z 24027G38KT 6000 -DZ FEW007 SCT009 BKN011 11/10 Q1000 TEMPO 8000 BKN015=
EHAM 120625Z 24028KT 210V270 5000 -DZRA FEW007 SCT008 BKN010 11/10 Q1000 TEMPO 8000=

Unusually strong, gusty headwinds.

Looking at that metar report, perhaps the crew was unlucky. Since the wind was 27G38 , they might have been hit by the headwind gust when approaching the threshold, causing them to land short.

Pat Barry 3
Ordinarily they would have wheels down 1,000' in from the threshold.
A gust of wind would shorten that but a thousand feet is a generous safety margin.
Highflyer1950 2
Doesn’t really matter which direction they were landing, The point is still the same and if they had a airspeed correction for wind gusts……that runway was way too short for the conditions.

Michael Osmers 3
I think you mean runway 24 with those winds but point taken. Lots of questions on this one not the least of which why ATC assigned this runway in the first place and why the crew accepted it. 11 knot gusts are not a big deal for these aircraft nor would the crossing be on any of the other runways at Schiphol. Though I’m not typed in the A330, comparable 757/767/777 and 787 crosswind limits run 35 to 40 knots and crews are trained to the limit or more.
Richard Lotenfoe 1
It was very windy that day, possible windshear causing the plane to land short?
Jon Duncan 1
Lynn Brown. Having flown the 330 for 6 years it does have ground speed mini and it is an excellent system. One must understand it before passing judgement. Time will tell but this was probably pilot error.
Donna Yost 1
Interesting...guess the aircraft was ok...nothing structurally damaged.
Dan Pendleton 1
This can be a recipe' for disaster.
sparkie624 1
Interesting to have 2 subjects not only posted, but both of them on the Daily Email!
Yazoo 0
When you try to spot the deck there is a tendency to fly your eyes to the intended landing target. The main gear on the A330 is some 80 feet behind the cockpit. If the PF is trying to put the plane on the very beginning of the runway they must adjust their aim point father down the runway and eventually the horizon. If they fixate on the very first brick, the cockpit (and perhaps the nose gear) end up at that spot. The main gear is still some 80 feet over the grass/landing lights.
srobak 1
This is not a mistake that even a fresh 330 pilot would make.
Chris B -2
You're not meant to land on the displaced threshold.

He touched down on the grass before the displaced threshold.

Yup, they are in major trouble. If not with Dutch authorities but also with Delta. High probability, Delta took steps to split the flight crew up with pilots from another European location for the return leg.
djames225 13
If I'm told to drop an A330-300 down on a 6,600' runway, and I have wind advisories popping up, damn straight I'm using the threshold.
I think the 1 in major trouble is the ATC who decided it was ok to drop it on Oostbaan. That's suppose to be the GA. private jet and helo runway for petes sake!
Michael Osmers 2
No. You don’t accept the runway assignment.

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Tflys1 0
Sounds like Ground speed mini is the one that needs to be fired. If the 330 has that


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